14 Schools Visit Mount Vernon

Apr 4, 2014 | Media Galleries, Uncategorized

Hearing our story of transformational learning,14 schools– both public and private recently spent the morning at MVPS. After hosting 26 schools first semester, Mount Vernon designated one day–April 3–as a day when inquiring schools could see learning in action.
A big part of the visit included a focus on Mount Vernon’s Center for Design Thinking. Starting off the morning in the i.Design Lab, Design Thinking Coordinator, Mary Cantwell took the visitors through a rapid-fire design thinking challenge demonstrating the steps of discover, empathize, experiment, and produce. Throughout the rest of the morning, the participating schools learned about Mount Vernon’s Learning Walk method providing the visiting school principals and teachers a snapshot of what learning looks like throughout the School.
One of the main reasons so many different schools have reached out to Mount Vernon has to do with the tremendous work of our highly-qualified faculty and staff. Each and every day, in classrooms from Preschool through the Upper School, teachers are challenging students to make their thinking visible and to create an experience where school is more like real life.
Bottom line: The School’s mission-driven practices are breaking ground among Atlanta’s and the country’s innovative, education community.
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