Mount Vernon’s 2018 Christmas Arts Showcase was performed at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center. Over 250 MV artists in grades 2 through 12 presented traditional, contemporary, and original works to a packed house. With MVArts flair, all the wonders of the Christmas spirit were captured on stage!


Ashley Hall, Class of 2019, wrote and performed a rap song, News. “I started working on this song back in October as part of a project for Mr. Neylon’s class. I was the only one in his class, so it became an independent study where I learned more about song writing and music producing. The track that went along with it I also made myself. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know!
Old news,
sad news,
why is there almost always bad news?
All we ever hear about is who did bad news.
I just wanna listen to the relevant stuff.
Not the things they think we need to listen to, fluff.
→ Like who really cares about what she did, oh she’s a celebrity to a little kid.
→ What kind of news are we teaching our kids?
That → they need to be afraid of the world they live in?
→ NO!
Half of the pop-u-lation doesn’t even read the news or partake in
→ turning on their local radio station
→ to listen to the news that has just currently awaken
So here’s what I propose
Can you turn off the news for just one day?
→ Can you turn off the news and let the radio play?
Can you turn off the news for just one day?
→ Can you turn off the news and let the radio play?

I’m not sure that’s possible…
So really, think about it folks.
Do you ever feel like you are listening to a hoax?
(Frankly), It’s really twisted how they do it
→ only showing us the depressing stuff
Is it because if we hear happy things we get bored easily?
Yeah just think about that
So before we decide to listen to that
→ and throw our heads into listening to anchors like Kaitlyn Pratt
Please I beg you, oh please I do!
→ remember the good things that have happened to you
So that we all might turn off the incessant babbling
→ and all join hands in order to ring in the New Year
→ and celebrate Christmas
→ cause let’s be honest folks
→ You don’t wanna miss this