2022 Middle School Class Trips

Mount Vernon Middle School students will continue to follow their curiosities and passions across the country. Students will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and extend their learning beyond the classroom as they continue their journey to being impact-ready. Traveling domestically will bring real-life opportunities to model the Mount Vernon mindsets and norms. If students are unable to attend a class trip, we have created a new “Explore Your City” experience.
Washington, D.C.
Boston, MA
Atlanta, GA
March 1-4, 2022
March 1-4. 2022
March 1-4, 2022
No cost
Grade 8 students will experience Washington, D.C. through a historical lens.
Grade 7 students will explore Boston, MA through both historical and STEM lenses.
Grade 6 students will have memorable team building experiences during the same week as Grade 7 and Grade 8. We are still in the planning phase for Grade 6.
Students not traveling during the week, will have an opportunity to “Explore ATLANTA”.

COVID, Illness and Potential Cancellations:
The School will continue to navigate and potentially address the possibility of shifting course, changing trip locations, or even preparing for possible cancellations due to the ongoing global pandemic. These are circumstances we are closely monitoring and, time permitting, will make the necessary adjustments to provide an alternative memorable experience for students. Middle School families will be updated on trip status as we monitor, manage, and plan for successful and productive class trips.

What preparations are needed prior to travel regarding COVID?
All students traveling to Boston, MA and Washington, D.C. will be required to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to departure.

What if I no longer want my student to travel?
We respect your decision if you no longer want your student to travel on a class trip. We have engaged the Full Refund Program through WorldStrides. Please view their website to view the cancellation policy.

Please direct specific questions to: [email protected].