A Deep Dive into History Through the Art of Bookbinding

Nov 17, 2015 | Maker, Upper School News

IMG_1543Upper School art teacher Hank Kunath and grade 9 World History teacher James Campbell have been collaborating for years. Before the end of last year they discussed making Japanese folding books in the style of Orihon to explore history through a different medium. The hope was to create an opportunity for students to connect world learning from a physical/maker point of view, exercising visual thinking and perspective.
In Mr. Campbell’s class this year, each student is covering a single civilization throughout the five major time periods:

  1. Up to 600 B.C.E

  2. 600 B.C.E. to 600 C.E.

  3. 600 C.E. to 1450

  4. 1450 to 1900

  5. 1900 to Present

To detail their deep-dive learning, students are creating journals – each of which are as varied as those creating them. These time-logs include written words, visuals sketches, storyboards and/or scrapbooking.
Since each student has a different civilization, it will allow them to compare the different groups and time periods — learning about others while sharing their own. Additionally, the students will be able to view the Continuities and Changes over time of the civilization being studied, by researching a broad topic, then narrowing it down to just the key points.
Mr. Kunath shares, “James and I have been collaborating forever. We work great as a team and I really enjoy adding an art element to his curriculum. James truly provides his students with choice and the ability to explore creativity — much of what I do in my art classes.”
Check out the students’ Twitter feed at #MVstory.
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