A Lemonade Stand with a Twist

May 3, 2016 | Have Fun, Impact, Lower School News, Maverick, Share the Well

As reported by Jennifer Leslie of WXIA’s 11ALive:
Screenshot 2016-05-01 16.28.38DUNWOODY, Ga. – The cast and crew of a TV pilot being shot in Dunwoody proved to be very generous to three little girls selling lemonade.
Over the weekend, Clara Young and Elliott and Sydney McGoldrick set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood, which was chosen as the site for several scenes in a new thriller for Hulu called “When the Street Lights Go On.”

Mount Vernon fourth graders Clara Young and Elliott McGoldrick and first grader Sydney McGoldrick earned a lot of money with their lemonade stand. As a group, they decided to donate their proceeds to Family Promise, a ministry for the homeless at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church.
Student Reflections:
Clara – “It just started as a lemonade stand in our neighborhood. I remember when the lady asked who’s in charge of this; no one raised their hand, so I had to take charge, and be the leader of it, and because of that, she said, “Do you want to come to our film site and sell lemonade to the actors and the crew?” It was so unexpected! My dad and I were thinking of local charities, and we remembered Family Promise, which has little kids who are my age who need clothes and toys.”
Screenshot 2016-05-01 16.36.18
Elliott – “Wow. I did not expect to sell that much because we advertised $.50 per cup and and $1 for cookies. The crew was so generous in their support that one of them gave 2-$20 bills and did not want anything in return. They were so nice to us  and when I heard their stories I realized that this could be a job I have when I grow up. They are real people. Family Promise is when people don’t have enough money to have a home and make a living. Churches throughout Atlanta help them out by giving them a place to stay for awhile so they can make a plan and find a way to make a living again. We have helped out with it at our church, Saint Luke’s. I enjoy playing with the children and helping to prepare a meal for them.”
Sydney – “We sold more than I expected. I did not think they would have their wallets with them as actors. One guy gave us $40 and did not even want anything. It felt different from watching them act. They were very nice. It made me happier to actually meet them than watch them. Family Promise is an organization that if you are homeless, it is a place to stay and their kids can play with the kids at the church. They are given a place to sleep and are fed for free.”