A Salute to Patriotism in Middle School

Nov 29, 2015 | Impact, Maker, Middle School News

CUM0yKTWsAEf63t-1In Elizabeth Collins’ sixth grade grammar/composition class, students are learning the meaning of being a true Patriot, and that many members of the Mount Vernon community are devoted to our United States of America.
During their Patriotism unit, Miss Collins not only took her students on a field trip to participate in a local Veteran’s Day ceremony – she invited multiple external experts into her class to share various examples of utter dedication to our country.
The city of Sandy Springs hosted its annual Veterans Day Tribute on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. The celebration to honor those who currently serve and have served our country was held at the Veteran’s Memorial located at the Concourse Corporate Center. There, her students had the prestigious honor of leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
Two members of Mount Vernon’s IT team, Calvin McDonald and Reid Tate, proudly served in the United States Marine Corps early in their respective careers. Asked to bring their personal stories into the classroom, they each shared what it means to be a Marine.
Duane Alderman, grandfather to student Peyton DeWeese, came in to share his incredible experience as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. Bringing history to life, he shared many personal items, including war memorabilia. Mr. Alderman discussed the importance of believing in your country, having a sense of belonging and why one would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. As students asked thoughtful questions, they began to empathize with the former soldier, a true American hero.
Eliot Ciuperca’s father shared how he served in the Romanian army, detailing the challenges of growing up in a Communist country. This perspective, new to the students, had a profound impact.
Through real people and real stories, the portrait of a patriot came to life in several sixth grade classes.