A Showcase of the Breadth and Depth of Arts

Oct 11, 2017 | All School, Middle School News, Preschool News, Upper School News

“…There is no them, only us…”
Artists in grades 5-12 showcased their talents, technique and development, through improv, hip hop, voice, horns, percussion, strings, and a theatrical number, illustrating the breadth and depth of our arts program.
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Director of Visual and Performing Arts Matthew Neylon shares:
“When our Arts Team began dreaming and planning for this year’s season, we knew this year would be a pivotal one for our school and our community. We knew we wanted to amplify the power that The Arts have to bring people together, celebrate diversity, and illuminate those things that unite us. We couldn’t have known how many natural disasters and human tragedies our country would be wrestling with in this moment. We didn’t know how deeply we would need to be unified as a nation and as a world, or how desperately we would need to champion the marginalized and under served. However, in the wake of hurricanes, mass-shootings, protests, & political unrest, we choose joy, hope, beauty and truth. The arts can be a brilliant illustration of the power of the American spirit, the ability to choose beauty and truth in the midst of adversity, the ability for students to be the future leaders, creators, artists, and collaborators our country needs, and the ability to welcome brand new messages of hope and joy through art, word, and song like all of our art instructors have done so wonderfully.”
“Our students inspire me with their ability to try new skills, tell deep and meaningful stories, go outside their musical, theatrical, and relational comfort-zones at times. It is that type of curiosity, determination, bravery, and willingness to explore that will not only make them successful leaders and engaged citizens, it will be the fuel that allows them to burn bright in dark times and to illuminate the beauty in the world around them.”