A ‘Twitteriffic’ Experience for the US Business & Entrepreneurship Club

Feb 4, 2015 | All School, Upper School News

IMG_1720Mount Vernon Upper School Business & Entrepreneurship Club students recently had the extraordinary opportunity to connect with a high level Twitter executive. After participating in MVIFI’s Council on Innovation, the company’s industry director Brent Herd, made a return trip to Mount Vernon to share the story of Twitter.
Sharing an overview of the company as well as Twitter’s mission– sharing information without barriers across the globe–students learned an astounding statistic that individuals around the world send five million tweets a day. Herd also shared some of the company’s future plans, like its work to adapt the application for each user’s needs based on what he/she cares about.
Students asked insightful questions such as, “What is the process when Twitter decides to acquire another company?” and “What is the decision making process is what features are added to the app?”, and “From your perspective, do you think tech companies should sell information to the National Security Administration (NSA)?”
IMG_1730Impressed by the sophisticated questions and their curiosity in the company, Herd also brought Upper School students Twitter swag–custom-made Twitter earbuds. Afterwards many students stayed to ask follow up questions and posed for photos.
Each week the US Business & Entrepreneurship Club, founded by Miles Mallory (Class of 2010) and his father Tom Mallory, welcomes executives from large companies, local entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and individuals who have a powerful life story. In a couple of weeks, club members will have breakfast with the Harvard Business Club where they will connect with Georgia Power’s CEO Paul Bowers.