Admissions Ambassadors Show Up to Share Out

Sep 28, 2016 | All School, Have Fun, Impact, Lower School News, Middle School News, Preschool News, Upper School News

For the first time ever, Mount Vernon’s Admission team has expanded to over 150 members. This year many families heeded the call to attend the Parent Admissions Ambassador breakfast.
As an extension of the School’s admissions team, an army of engaged parents will share and SPREAD Mount Vernon’s story, by:

  • Signing up to become more deeply engaged
  • Posting reviews
  • Reaching out through the Admissions phone-a-thon
  • Encouraging friends to join them for a Mount Vernon event
  • Assisting with outreach and advertising
  • Discussing creative ideas with the team

Guest speaker and Mount Vernon parent Lisa Ford, mother to Abigail (Class of 2018) and author of the #1 best-selling business video series: How to Give Exceptional Customer Service, shared practical advice about customer service, messaging, first impressions, and the value of being “contagiously enthusiastic.”
The goal of the event was to place emphasis on being connected, plugging in and sharing stories. As a school serving PS – grade 12, Alpha & Omega is a recurring theme. Getting the narrative started, school leaders shared vivid stories about learning.
From the Alpha side of things, Head of Preschool Kelly Kelly described how preschoolers recently sought solutions after the frontier’s (Mount Vernon’s new natural playground) water pump stopped working. Through the story she demonstrated how  play-based learning, curiosity-driven projects, collaborative tasking, discovery, and exploration are all research-based and integral parts of the Preschool experience.
Mount Vernon’s Omega experience was captured by the School’s College Counselors Erin McCubbin (Director of College Counseling) and Pam Ambler (Associate Director of College Counseling). The dynamic duo shared extraordinary student stories about the college application process. Specifically they highlighted one student who created a personal video, and as a result he was accepted to the college of his choice. Another student, upon receiving support and guidance from McCubbin and Ambler, was awarded the highest amount last year in scholarship dollars.
Kirsten Beard, Chief Admissions Officer shares, “I was completely overwhelmed at the response, support, and willingness to participate and step up. Overall we are just so excited to partner with parents and to learn more about each and every one of them; together we will share Mount Vernon’s story.”
If you are interested in assisting the Parent Ambassador Team, please contact: Chief Admissions Officer Kirsten Beard, [email protected]. The Admissions season officially begins next week!
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