Agricultural Science Shared in Preschool

Apr 3, 2018 | All School, Have Fun, Preschool News, Share the Well

It feels like spring and planting has begun on the Frontier garden. When Preschool mom Mary Novotny met with one of our Early Learning Center classes, she taught them all about potatoes.
By sharing several potato species, she was able to demonstrate to two-year-olds how potatoes sprout and become a potato seed, which grows into a whole new potato plant!
Students assisted in digging the soil and placing the seeds in the starter pots. Classroom teacher Nicole Wright says, “The children enjoyed noticing the differences in temperatures — touching cold and hot potatoes. They were especially excited to learn that french fries come from potatoes.”
Since this was not the children’s first exposure to soil in the classroom, they were able to formulate conclusions based on previous experiences: dumping, filling, scooping, watering, and examining different types of soil.
Soon, their potato sprouts will be transferred to the Frontier garden.
Students and teachers alike hope to harvest, cook, and eat their homegrown potatoes.