All Mustangs. All in.

Jan 12, 2022 | Lower School News, News

When it comes to giving at Mount Vernon, we live by the mantra All Mustangs. All in. This year more than ever, we’re seeing proof that even our youngest Mustangs can have a big impact.

Mount Vernon’s Tinsley family – Chip and Katie, Grade 1 student Davis, Kindergarten student Mae, and Preschooler Emma Kate – strive to have a culture of giving back in their home. Every month, their kids have the opportunity to earn an allowance for helping out around the house. At the end of each month, Davis and Mae add up their chores from the month and decide how much of their allowance they will spend, save, or donate. 

Most recently, Mae decided that she wanted to donate her allowance to Mount Vernon. 

In December, Mae and her mom Katie met Director of Community Giving Elizabeth Werdesheim at the School to make the donation in person and to also learn more about what donating means.

Mae arrived on campus with a mason jar marked “Donate MV.” The jar jingled with the sound of $20.50 in quarters that she earned by completing her chores. To show the impact of her gift, her parents also matched her donation for a total gift to the School of $41. 

When making a gift and learning more about where the dollars (or quarters!) go, Mae, of course, was hopeful that her donation would be used to buy games for Kindergarten classrooms, but was so happy when she was told it would be used for great improvements around the School that would benefit many Mustangs. 

It brings such joy to our hearts to have the kids love their school,” shared Katie Tinsley. 

She went on to say, “We talk about saving and donating throughout the year, as monetary responsibility is important to us, but it didn’t really click with Mae until she saw the money leave her jar.” 

Giving at Mount Vernon is a critical part of our mission. Our goal is 100% parent participation in the MVFund, the School’s annual giving campaign. This year, there are key projects selected that the MVFund will directly impact, including updates to the Upper Campus athletic field and renaming it The Ron Hill Field

Thank you to our Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, Teachers, and Coaches who have all supported the MVFund. If you haven’t yet made your gift, please consider giving or pledging your support to the School today. All gifts, no matter the size, have a direct impact on all Mount Vernon students.