Better When I’m Dancing

Apr 26, 2017 | Fine Arts, Have Fun, Lower School News, Preschool News

DSCF8071Energetic, smiling dancers in PreK through grade 4 showcased their talents and hard work at the annual MVPS dance recital, “A Night at the Movies.” Through tap, jazz and classical ballet, over 80 dancers graced the stage with elegance, style, skills and fun.
Each of the dancers participated in specific grade level dance classes taken through Mount Vernon’s PlayMaker program. For one hour a week since the beginning of school, these dancers have learned many aspects of dance, aside from technique. Together, they have developed teamwork, patience, the art of following directions, music composition and rhythm.
Dance teachers include Emily Trenney (Grade 3 Teacher), Katie Trenney (Philanthropy Coordinator), Carrie Patrick (MV Preschool Mom), and VJ Lopez (Atlanta Professional Dance Instructor).
At the beginning of the recital, PlayMaker Program Director Lisa Brady shared the following prayer:

Dear Lord,
Teach them to dance to the sounds of your world and your people.
Let them move in rhythm with your plan.
Help them to try to follow your leading.
To risk even falling.
To rise or fail up because you are leading the dance.

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