Preschool and Lower School Students Showcase Creativity in Annual Cardboard Challenge

This year, the theme for the annual Cardboard Challenge was How Might We be Better Together, by Sharing the Gift of Play? This year's challenge was inspired by a young boy named Cain who lives in L.A. With a love for building things and tin...

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Story Slam – A Culmination of How to Tell a Story

During Mod 1 in the Upper School, a group of Innovation Diploma students learned how to write and share their own stories in How to Tell a Story, a class led by MV teachers Brad Droke and Krista Fancher. Throughout the Mod, students wrote th...

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Helping Hands Day 2019: Grateful to Serve

Every year on September 11, Mount Vernon students and faculty join forces to pay tribute to those who lost their lives, survived, responded to, and like many of us, were affected by the tragic events of 9/11. We will show our gratitude for servi...

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Hospital Pain to Beach Carnival Fun: Immersive Technology to Distract Pediatric Rehab Patients

Contributed by Marie Graham Pediatric rehab patients face many challenges to complete the occupational and physical therapy that is necessary for recovery. The goal of this project was to use virtual reality to decrease discomfort for patients un...

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