Tuesday, May 14 Middle School students showcased their skills in the annual Middle School Talent Show. The show featured singing, dancing, musical instruments and more!

Performers included:
Diane Foster – Violin
Hunter Reese Giardino, Brooke Nazarian and McKinley Tann – Dance
Maya Chopra – Indian Dancing
Charlotte Cloud and Harper Tillman – Dance
Lauren Reece – Dance
Mollie Martin – Singing
Taylor Towns – Flute
Britton McKintosh – Singing
Dennis Norman – Piano
Amelia Katz and Mary Bea Hires – Singing and Dancing
Sage Allen – Dance
Scarlett McCarthy – Singing
Kennedy Mosley – Violin
Caroline Putnam and Lily Stanford – Dance
Connor Holloway – Violin
Afton Mosley – Oboe
Junie Shin – Singing and Dancing
Piper Hendryx – Singing
Maggie Sims – Guitar and Singing
Will Jackson – Guitar and Singing

Serving as the Emcee’s for the show were Grade 6 student Sam Koontz and Coach T.