Snow and ice on the roads, resulting in empty classrooms at Mount Vernon, didn’t keep teachers from teaching or students from learning.

From Upper Schoolers attending Google Hangouts to Preschoolers working on Snow Day Packets, learning continued at home, virtually, as an innovative alternative.

Photos of children with pencils in-hand while sitting around their kitchen table flooded the MVPS Facebook page. Screenshots of Upper School students (still in their pajamas) collaborating online, lit up Twitter. Even Middle School faculty members held a Google Hangout to plan their day of professional development.

The School received media attention when Mark Niesse of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught wind of our #Snopportunity: School closures turned into virtual learning opportunity, proving that MVPS is a standout when it comes to doing what it takes and making it fun.

Students and teachers enjoyed the change of pace, although when asked about doing it permanently, Junior Sierra Middleton exclaimed, “I think the teachers were excited about having class virtually – we had a LOT to do!”

Favorite Tweets:
Adrienne Jacobsen ‏@AdJacobsen Feb 12
@MVPSchool teachers…all of the “home learning moms” are very appreciative of what you do everyday!!! #patience #icejam

Gary Piligian ‏@GaryPiligian Feb 12
gearing up for 8 sessions (4 classes – 2 options/day) of #mvupper virtual classes. #snopportunity or bust!

Stephanie Immel ‏@TeachingSteph Feb 12
Google Hangouts planning for teacher professional learning!! @mvpmiddle @mvpschool #mvmiddle

Bo Adams ‏@boadams1 Feb 11
School closures turned into virtual learning opportunity @MVPSchool via @ajc #MVPSchool

Mount Vernon School ‏@MVPSchool Feb 11
The [email protected] shares that even though our students weren’t in formal classrooms today, learning continued! #mvpschool

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