Sprinkled throughout the crowd, various faculty and staff stood up from their seats to form an Uptown Funk flashmob scene, literally setting the stage for the Founders Campus Talent Showcase.

Students in Kindergarten through grade 6 were invited to share their talents with the rest of the Founders Campus, by auditioning for and ultimately performing in a show with a lineup of singing, dancing, playing the violin and drums, cheerleading and stilt-walking, among many other acts. This annual tradition is one that students, faculty and parents look forward to every winter.

Organized and directed by Chris Willoughby and John Grove, the show continues to bring students’ gifts, talents and courage…to life.

BA2_1054PROGRAM link to photo gallery (password: mustangs)

Grade 1 Jazz Routine: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Grade 2 Tap Routine: Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Jessica Webb – Singing: Love Story

Allie Grace Sperling – Ballet: Touch the Sky

Lauren Reece – Cheerleading

Reese Hickey – Singing: He Knows My Name

Colin Minogue & Landron Hoyal – Dancing: Whip

Charlotte Cloud – Dancing: Queen of Hearts

BA2_1181 (1)Riley Jane Houseman – Violin: Allegro

Mary Ellen Reagin – Stilts: Turn Up For What

Maya Williams & Grayson Rogers – Singing/Dancing: Too Cool

Kennedy Mosley – Violin: The Happy Farmer

Amelia & Lydia Katz – Singing: I Want To Be Holy Just Like You

Anna Barber – Dancing: Fight Song

Elle Crawford & Mary Morgan Walker – Singing/Dancing: Drag Me Down

Lauren Rudy – Singing/Dancing: Same Old Love

Connor Holloway – Violin: Star Wars Theme

Scarlett McCarthy – Singing: Stay, Stay, Stay

Charlotte Goerdel – Singing: I Had A Dream

Emily Levitan – Gymnastics: Don’t Stop Believin’

BA2_1716Cate Jacobsen & Mary Hannah Martin – Guitar/Singing: Fifteen

Elliott McGoldrick & Clara Young – Singing: Stitches

Ruby Turner – Guitar/Singing: Bright

Mary Fuentes – Flute: The Victors

Zandy Geiger – Singing: To Make You Feel My Love

Maggie Sims – Guitar/Singing: Somebody to You

Sam & Laney Whiting – Drums/Keyboard/Singing: Fight Song