Building Courage Through Competence & Confidence

Oct 6, 2021 | Blog, courage over comfort, Lower School News

Last week, more than 50 Lower School students braved the stage, showcasing their talents in the Lower School annual Variety Show. In front of their families, friends, teachers, and peers, this upcoming generation of MV Artists recited original poems, sang, danced, put on magic shows, and told jokes.

While their show was entertaining to all in attendance, it also gave each performer the chance to grow – experiencing and overcoming pre-show nerves, showing a sense of fearlessness as they took the stage both individually and as part of groups, and even getting back up after a stumble during a routine.

At Mount Vernon, everyone is an artist. This mindset not only allows students to flex their creative muscles but also to deepen and develop real-world skills like public speaking, flexibility and problem solving, collaboration, time management, self-expression, and the ability to accept feedback.

Led by Lower Campus teachers Emily Edwards, Shay Jones, and Amanda Lower, these students were encouraged every step of the way, from the audition process in front of a panel of judges to walking into the bright lights of the stage, ready to perform.

Anav Basak, Kindergarten – Singing and Dancing
Millie Crane, Kindergarten – Tap Dance
Isla Entrekin, Catherine Leech, Cecelia Rogers, and Isla Wood, Kindergarten – Ballet
Olivia McGee, Kindergarten – Dancing
Kai von Vieregge, Kindergarten – Poem
Wren Woodall, Kindergarten – Ribbon Dance
Mason Evans, Hayes Evans, and Ander Beart, Grade 1 & 3 – Magic Show
Savannah Nardelli, Grade 1 – Ballet
Macy Jane Crane, Grade 2 – Gymnastics
Kaki Davis, Callie Dehem, Ava Goldbert, and Palmer Provow, Grade 2 – Dancing
Morgan Edwards, Grade 2 – Gymnastics
Claire Krauss and Camilla Ponce, Grade 2 – Singing and Dancing
Hazel Mayberry, Grade 2 – Singing
Caroline and Grace Ahern, Grade 3 – Gymnastics
Lucy King, Grade 3 – Keyboard
Anna Langford, Grade 3 – Flexibility
Gracie Peaden and Evangelina Semenov, Grade 3 – Emcees of the Variety Show
Gloria Rowe, Grade 3 – Ukulele and Singing
Olivia Turner and Penelope Woolridge, Grade 3 – Gymnastics and Cheer
Victoria Weeks, Grade 3 – Gymnastics

Tori Adesoye, Grade 4 – Dancing
Ava Chopra, Elise Davis, and Ada Ibrahimbegovic, Grade 4 – Dancing
Julianna Duguid, Elyn Middlebrooks, and Tessa Nicholson, Grade 4 – Dancing
Elias Kim, Grade 4 – Violin
Ava Martin, Grade 4 – Karate
Ava Martin and Malone Stover, Grade 4 – Dancing
Ramine Nikain, Grade 4 – Magic Show
Isabel Varano and Emma Ward, Grade 4 – Dancing
Milo von Viereggee, Grade 4 – Stand Up Comedy
Benjamin Borgstede, Grade 5 – Singing
Megan Hubbard, Grade 5 – Violin
Ashlyn Fuller and Emma-Neal Medlin, Grade 5 – Puppet Show
Hulya Inel, Grade 5 – Variety Show Artwork
Margaret McInerney, Grade 5 – Tennis
Ell and Emma-Neal Medlin, Grade 5 – Magic Show
Ona Oli, Grade 5 – Original Poem
James Quesinberry, Grade 5 – Ukulele and Singing

Mount Vernon is proud of all 50 performers, and can’t wait to see where their talents, bravery, and unique skills take them next. As Mustangs, we are all artists.

Check out the full photo gallery here.