Class of 2018: Leading the Way

May 28, 2018 | Alumni, College, MV Mag Issue 2, Upper School News


As a long-standing tradition at Mount Vernon, Seniors and Preschoolers parade together at Mustang Rally – the School’s all-day, all-community celebration. Signifying the beginning of one’s MV journey through Commencement, our youngest and eldest students – each with their unique story and perspective – come together to close the circle. With each class that graduates, a new one enters, bringing with them an opportunity to engage, spark, and change the world. They are not competing for status. The stand shoulder-to-shoulder and work energetically together. They move quickly, spotting problems, and offering help. They experiment, take risks, and notice outcomes, which guides them toward effective solutions. As each class moves on to take the world by storm, they leave a legacy for those who follow.


Class of 2018: Highlights

3 signed athletes
Baseball – Rhodes College
Soccer – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rowing – Yale University

1 Morehead-Cain Scholar
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

75% attending out of state
(19 states)

1 gap year

$4.2 Million in Scholarships
(Excluding HOPE)

1 Presidential and STAMPS Scholar

4 AP Scholars

2 acceptances to Ivy League Schools
Yale and Dartmouth


Megan L. Mount Vernon Preschoolers will graduate having grown up with incredible technological resources at their disposal, along with an immense number of real world opportunities, which will give them the chance to discover what matters to them, what kind of person they want to be, and how they want to impact the world around them. I envision our current preschoolers putting up their art at the new Sandy Springs City Center, completing design challenges from Mercedes Benz, and building street-legal flying cars all while the Mount Vernon community coaches and cheers from the sidelines. The most important lesson I’ve learned, is that progress is made by passionate people. I am grateful to have been part of a community that sprints towards the light at the end of the tunnel, that doesn’t have to look very hard to find a silver lining, and that cherishes – above all – a new problem to solve. I realize that I am 100% a bi-product of all the parts of our mission statement that value inquiry, innovation, impact and engaged citizen leadership. Now, I look for problems because I feel confident that with the right group around me I can solve them. I am astounded by the number of people Mount Vernon has presented me with, who honestly and genuinely care about my success, and care about doing things differently than they’ve ever been done before. Those who come and stay the course at Mount Vernon are of a different breed. There is an infectious desire for change, need for action, and propensity for laughter among those who surround me.

Jordan R. Today’s preschoolers will have huge ambitions. They won’t know that they can’t! They will dream larger than imaginable now, since this world is growing by the second. They will be dealing with new technology and wanting a job that hasn’t even been thought of right now. They will learn how to deal with new technology, and create a new, faster way to communicate. My hope is that they get involved on many levels. I did. From Varsity Football and Basketball Cheer, clubs, theatre, acapella, praise band, spiritual life, and FLO Team, to National Honor Society and Thespian Society President – taught me that relationships develop by getting involved.

Grace M. Our youngest Mustangs should be so excited for their future at Mount Vernon because our school is constantly pushing students to go above and beyond what they are capable of. Instead of applying boundaries, Mount Vernon gives us limitless possibilities to learn through independent projects, group collaborations and we get the opportunity to work with professionals on projects before we get to college. The next generation will grow into confident decision-makers and well-rounded students, given the time they have to grow from mistakes and build on successes. From my years at Mount Vernon I have gotten comfortable with public speaking; I have learned to share my voice and connect with people through theater; and I have learned to be open minded through studying abroad in Seville Spain. Mount Vernon has given me a solid foundation.

Ev W. see the Preschoolers, when in our shoes, being confident young men and women who are well prepared and equipped for college. Mount Vernon gives students the tools they need to be successful throughout high school, while providing dedicated assistance through the college admissions process. Those little guys will have learned how to be quick-thinking, innovative solution seekers by the time they graduate. They will be adaptable, able to strategize, navigate multiple situations, visit amazing places, impact their communities through service, and create and design.

Arial S. The next generation will have been able to see how Mount Vernon’s impact on the city will grow. Our school has a lot of potential for outreach in the surrounding area, and I hope that students and administrators will continue to work to improve the communities around the school just like they work diligently to improve the community on campus.

Abigail E. In the future I see today’s preschoolers becoming the leaders of a new generation able to impact every field they go in because they already have the work experience needed. Personally, I’m excited to face my future and step into a world that is focused on collaboration and innovation, exactly what I’ve learned during my years at Mount Vernon.

Randi L. By the time today’s Preschoolers reach their senior year, they might catch up to the growth of the school! When I was in fourth grade, I was part of a small group chosen to help design an ideal classroom. We included spiral stairs, a rooftop classroom, and bean bags as our desk. Today, several of our ideas have been implemented in the classroom setting which makes me believe that no matter how young you are you can still make a difference. Once a Mount Vernon student reaches their graduating year, they will have learned how to be solution seekers, as well as effective communicators. I am proof that Mount Vernon prepares students to lead, not follow.

Sarah T. Through the endless experiences and expanding opportunities today’s younger students will be given, they will be able to see what life in the real world looks like, outside of a classroom. Their practice with hands-on learning and stepping outside their comfort zones will only push them to be more confident and engaged leaders in our community. They will learn how to break away from the crowd and focus on what makes them curious, excited, and unique. By trusting our faculty, staff, and students, kids can feel comfortable doing what they love and be passionate in their actions. I know that when today’s preschoolers are about to graduate, if they have taken advantage of everything Mount Vernon offers, they will walk across the stage knowing they left a positive impact on our school community.

Seth M. Mount Vernon is constantly evolving and becoming better, which is very evident with the new high school building that is about to be built. While I’m sad that I will not be able to experience this building, I’m proud I was able to serve as the foundation for all that is to come. While at Mount Vernon, I have learned, created, and designed many things. And now, the possibilities are endless for what the younger kids can create and accomplish.