Convocation 2014930 Mustangs came together to hear Dr. Jacobsen’s charge to make a difference this year and “Be a Transformer.”

Traditionally, on the first Friday of the school year, the entire student body from Preschool to the Senior Class, faculty and staff, along with a large contingency of parents unify, as they receive the blessing for the new year.
Senior and Head Prefect, George Gavalas, opened the gathering by asking everyone to “Embrace the Grind.” As an avid wrestler and student leader who has taken on several of Mount Vernon’s most challenging courses, George has learned to appreciate the demands on his schedule, creating a positive balance. He asked students of all ages to do the same.
One of the most anticipated parts of Convocation was Head of School Dr. Jacobsen’s message, and this year he asked students to consider who are really are – are they takers, like Prince Hans from Frozen? Spectators, such as sports fans? Or transformers, like Yash Gupta, the 17-year-old from California who spearheaded an effort to donate over 10,000 eyeglasses to children in need around the world, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. Throughout his message, Dr. Jacobsen referred to the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible, encouraging his audience to get off of the sidelines, get involved and make a difference.
We should all accept the challenge to be a transformer.
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