Convocation 2016: Step Up to Stand Out

Aug 24, 2016 | All School, Maverick, Prefects

At the beginning of every school year, Dr. Brett Jacobsen calls our entire school body together in the Glenn Campus gym to officially kick-off the new year. Roughly 1500 people, including students in Preschool through grade 12, faculty, staff, and parents joined in prayer and song to hear our Head of School set the tone for the year. Be a Maverick. Stand out.
IMG_7867Middleton, JaySenior and Head Prefect Jay Middleton opened the assembly by illustrating a moment when he had to overcome his fears in order to be a Maverick. Which In his words, “is someone who takes risks, puts themselves out there, and makes a change.” He shared a personal story about trying out for a baseball team, but was afraid. He says, “I had to let go of my anxieties and any embarrassment I felt and just go for it. You achieve so much more by putting yourself out there and seeing what happens than you ever could by letting fear keep you from trying in the first place. Also, I made the team.”
As Head Prefect, Jay is expected to be the spokesperson for the student body. He says not only is introducing Dr. Jacobsen at Convocation a tradition, but it is in fact, a privilege.
Reflecting on Dr. Jacobsen’s message, Jay shares, “Convocation is the true opening of the year. It’s when our Head of School establishes our charge for the new year. It’s his call to action. This year he asked us to live differently by stepping up and lead the way through standing out. This was exemplified through the story of David and Goliath.”
Jay’s main goal this year is to be accepted to Georgia Tech and/or Auburn University. Taking his Head prefect role very seriously, he plans to prepare for college by honing his interpersonal skills and broadening his reach and scope within the student body. Already, Jay is deeply engaged in Baseball, National Honor Society, managing the Standing Room Only spirit organization with fellow teammate John Traurig, running Cross Country in practices just to stay in shape for Baseball, is a member of the Business & Entrepreneur Club, and plays trumpet in the band. He is also taking five AP classes and works at Tin Lizzy’s. His biggest challenge this year? “Staying focused this first semester and maintaining a balance between keeping grades up, social responsibilities and athletic commitments.
To learn more about our Prefects and what they do, please watch this brief video.
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