Bouncy and Silly Walk the Runway: A Kindergarten Adjective Show

Nov 11, 2015 | Have Fun, Innovation, Lower School News

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Click to watch the Runway video.

The Kindergarten Adjective Runway Show was a huge hit among an audience of first and third graders. Each of the Kindergartners (and one teacher) was assigned adjectives and asked to personify their word, using props, gestures, and/or expressions as they bravely and enthusiastically walked the runway.

Watch the video.

This activity was designed to reinforce the skill of adding detail and descriptive words when writing. With a little preparation, practice, fun and applause, the students became their word, deepening their understanding of how, why and when adjectives should be used.

Alex- crunchy

Andre- happy

Caroline- fancy

Carson- bouncy

Carter- quick

Chase- fluffy

Dean- mushy

Elise- bumpy

Ellie- sad

Gabriella- sticky

Jonathan- grumpy

Katelyn- humongous

Lucy- bright

Lydia- cheerful

Maggie- yummy

Nicholas- athletic

Olivia -silly

Reese- turquoise

Ridge- amazing

Sam- old

Smith- delicious

Spencer- tall

Wendell- funny