The Culture Book

Our Mantras

Our Mantras

The behaviors that cause us to thrive

Our Identity

Our Purpose

We are a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact. Grounded in Christian values, we prepare all students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders.

Our Committment

We commit to creating and sustaining a school culture where all members feel valued and safe, sharing their authentic selves to design a better world…together.

Our Strategy

We cultivate and inspire growth through a strategic response to the disruptive shifts in the knowledge, skills, attributes, and relationships required for current and future, local and global contexts.

Our Approach

We design relevant, transformational curricular and learning competencies from Preschool through Upper School, explored through an inquiry-based approach and assessed on levels of proficiency.

Our Timeline

Look back to look forward

MV 1.0 | 1975

  • Started in sanctuary building by Polly Kemper
  • 8 Preschool-Kindergarten classes ages 3-5
"Each child will reach the full extent of his capabilities if given love and understanding"

MV 2.0 | 1997

  • 25th Anniversary year, school becomes. a501(c)(3) and is accreditied by SACS
  • Education Building added
  • 500 students/65 staff

"Recognizing the uniqueness of each child, our goal is to motivate students to learn through academically appropriate activities designed to stimulate intellectual, social, physcial, emotional and spiritual growth"

MV 3.0 | 2006

  • Activities Building - STEAM wing is added
  • First strategic plan outlines a vision for an Upper Campus
  • 30-acre Glenridge property is aquired
  • First building on UC opens (Current MS Building) housing G7-12

MV 4.0 | 2011

  • 40th Anniversary Celebration
  • Dr. Brett Jacobsen is Head of School
  • Stanford inspires MV to embrace Design Thinking
  • Launch of (I)Plan17 includes renewed mission statement and MV Mindsets
  • Instructional rounds & learning walks begin
  • I.Design Lab opens (first maker space)
  • Inaugural Mustang Rally

"We work to be the best in developing a 21st century learning experience"

MV 5.0 | 2013-2015

  • First Design Thinking Summit
  • Teachers participate in Harvard Project Zero Training
  • Research & Design Teams established
  • Launch of MVXperts
  • Iteration of norms, mindsets, mission, and principles becomes "The Continuum"
  • iDiploma is born out of a Council on Innovation challenge
  • Plans for new US building begin

"Design a Better World"

Program Design

Amplified through real-world problem solving, students will have access to an innovative program and diverse network of partnerships, developing the knowledge, skills, and attributes to actively design a better world.

College Ready

Over the course of four years, a responsive team of academic advisors and college counselors will cultivate deep relationships with every Upper School family, creating a comprehensive blueprint for each student.


Connection with a strong community of caring and competent teachers will provide students support to nourish social and emotional development, strengthening one’s sense of identity, autonomy, and interdependence.

Connected Impact

Innovation Network

By fostering meaningful relationships with global, national, state, and local marketplace leaders and partners who align with the School’s mission, students experience a variety of opportunities in diverse industries and environments (corporate, nonprofit, and civic), allowing students to follow sparks of motivation, interest, and curiosity. As a result, students develop a deep sense of agency, competence, and confidence when designing and creating. And they have a ton of fun bringing their ideas to life.



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