Dancing with Dad

Jan 14, 2014 | Lower School News, Media Galleries, Uncategorized

Fancy dresses, corsages and just a little bit of lip gloss were in abundance at the annual K-4 Father/Daughter dance. Able to make grown men melt with pride, these little ladies made their fathers wish that time could stand still.
The Fellowship Hall on the Founders Campus was transformed into a dance club, complete with decorations, flashing lights and a DJ. As a dad and his date (sometimes two!) entered, they posed for a photo to commemorate the special occasion.
Mixing music from “Shout” to “Party Rock Anthem,” DJ Dad Andy Tyber kept the house jumping all night. At times, the tempo slowed for special dances, but ramped right back up as conga lines formed and line dances took shape.
Between scrambling for stuffed animals, toys and leis that were tossed from the DJ booth, and taking short breaks to grab treats from the dessert buffet, fathers did their best to keep up with their energetic daughters. When they did catch up, though, they created memories to last a lifetime.  Please go to the Studio 7 Website to view the photos taken that night for purchase, if prompted for a password, it is mustangs.
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