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Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions your family will make. As you explore Mount Vernon, we invite you to live out one of our norms by starting with questions.

  • Upper School

    We set a new standard for high school. Your child will solve complex problems by analyzing information and being involved in the discussion.


  • Middle School

    These years offer opportunities for discovery, exploration, and independence. Introducing abstract ideas to formulate concrete solutions, students are encouraged to express their own story.


  • Lower School

    Our learning journey blends foundational experiences with innovative practices that inspire and engage each child.


  • Preschool

    Understanding the early years lay the foundation for future school success, we foster confident learning by building on your child’s natural passion for imagination, inquiry, and exploration.


At a Glance

A look at what makes Mount Vernon unique.

Dr. Brett Jacobsen

Head of School

“We vary our routes. The future demands it, learning yearns for it, and ultimately our mission requires it.” Explore Dr. Jacobsen’s podcast Design Movement to hear about Mount Vernon’s transformation.

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  • Meet Maggie


    “When I’m on the Frontier, I wonder what bugs I can find. I collect them. I wonder what that bug is, what it does – does it crawl or fly, I wonder if it has a family, where it has been. Then I put them back in the woods, in a group, so they can stay friends.”

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  • Meet Coach Dabbs


    “This is what it all comes down to. This is when you separate the good from the average. The people who want it more. The fight. Show them why you’re a Mustang. Today is the day we show them what we’ve got.”

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  • Meet Anusha, Alma, and Aqil


    “We’re much more unique than just being the School’s only set of triplets. Aqil is the Ethical Decision-Maker and Innovator. Alma is the Creative Thinker. I [Anusha] am the Communicator. The three of us are so different, but MVPS has helped each of us prepare for the future.”

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  • Meet Brian

    Christian Values

    “I believe we are all searching for a full life. As I direct Spiritual Life, I am deeply inspired by the biblical idea of shalom, which refers to a universal peace, wholeness, and flourishing on earth. This picture of vibrant life for all of God’s creation is not only hopeful but a vision to be pursued.”

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  • Meet Sam


    “While I act in plays, participate in athletics, and play multiple instruments, last year I started Mount Vernon Robotics. We are currently building a 3D printed full-size humanoid torso, and we are engineering all of the motors and sensors. It’s my last year here, so I want to push the team to see how far we can go.”

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  • Meet Brian


    “I’m a counselor at a camp for young boys with special needs. I’ve been working there for about a year and a half, after school and on Saturdays. I enjoy making connections, and while it’s a big commitment, and it takes some patience, I really care about them.”

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  • Meet Dr. Brett Jacobsen, Head of School


    “Every day faculty and staff make a commitment to position each of our children for their future by designing deep learning experiences. Instead of waiting to press the start button when they enter college, beginning in Preschool, Mount Vernon students are being taught to contribute in a real-world context.”

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  • Meet Jacob Muñoz, Alum


    “In spite of being born with an impairment limiting my vision, I have been able to accomplish so much and surpass what I ever thought I could do. My challenges have taught me dedication, and discipline, preparing me for my future. One of which was to play football for University of Miami, and I did it!”

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