Curiosity creates the ultimate environment for
exploration, discovery, and limitless possibility.

College Counseling

Being ‘college-ready’ is a “floor,” not a “ceiling.” All courses in the Upper School are college preparatory, designed to prepare the graduate for college-level work and as such, they are academically demanding. A learner’s performance is reviewed each year to determine the best placement for the following academic year. Through group and one-on-one sessions, college counselors spend a significant amount of time crafting an individualized college plan for each student.


Relationships are foundational to
establishing a love of learning.

At Mount Vernon, we believe that when teachers truly know and understand the curiosities and passions or their students, incredible things can happen. 

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Upper School Academics

All courses in the Upper School are college preparatory and our curriculum offers a personalized pathway with choice. As we believe that students learn more when they are interested in what they are doing, Upper School students may choose from a variety of challenging, academically demanding courses that interest them. The result is a schedule that provides our students with a vigorous, research-informed, inquiry-based education giving them time to pursue their passions and focus on their well-being.

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Robust Athletics

We know team sports helps to foster collaboration, leadership, and character as athletes build community and team spirit. In grades 5-12, more than 85% of students participate in at least one of Mount Vernon’s 15 interscholastic athletic programs.


Visual & Performing Arts

With multiple art studios, a VR/AR lab, a dance studio, and a Black Box Theater, Upper School students can explore and discover their creative potential through a variety of curricular, extra-curricular and interdisciplinary arts opportunities.



Work that Matters is work that potentially
makes a difference in the world. Today.

Individualized Learning

Rather than being passive consumers of information, students are invited to actively solve complex problems, with a growing emphasis on project- and team-based approaches, as well as a significant focus on deeper learning. In addition to core courses in math, English, science, social studies, and world languages, students have many opportunities for greater challenge through a robust collection of arts, Maker, electives, college preparatory, Honors Distinction, and Advanced Placement courses.

Upper School Courses

Upper School students have over 100 choices to acquire deeper learning in areas of their choosing.

A Sample of Arts, Humanities, Maker, and Language Classes
Acting, Comedy & Improv | Concert Band | Digital Design | Lighting & Set Design | Microelectronics | Industrial Design | Exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality | Introduction to Coding (C#) and Unity: Creating Content | Latin 1-1 Heroes of Mythology | Spanish | French

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Signature Programs

Interim Term

A week-long program for world travel, local engagement, and internships.

  • World Travel

    Through international and domestic travel, internships, mission work, and service-learning, students explore their personal interests and serve their community through this week-long experience.

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  • Core content

Interim Term Internships

Carson, Interim Internship Room 422

Alex, Interim Internship SpaceWorks

Innovation Diploma

A student-led, transformation design studio that inspires, creates, and implements high-impact work. iDiploma is a 3 to 4-year program that culminates to students creating long term professional relationships, facilitating positive change in partnered organizations and communities, and having an active role in changing the world around them.

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Maker, Design, Engineering

The entire Upper School is a Maker Space.

Mount Vernon’s Maker, Design & Engineering (MDE) program provides a robust, intentional, and calibrated platform for students to utilize a wide assortment of tools and technologies.

MDE is threaded throughout the Upper School program and it is not uncommon to find “traditional” courses such as Biology, Geometry, or Humanities utilizing the tools within the maker spaces to provide modern and new approaches to learning.

Seek to understand,
before being understood.

Student Life

Naturally, our students’ curiosities and passions live out boldly on playing fields,  in art studios, on stage, in clubs, at social events, and through leadership opportunities and service. Mount Vernon’s Upper School experience offers a variety of ways for students to be their best selves.


Design Thinking

Believing designers change the world, we teach children to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Beyond Lower School, Middle and Upper School students build upon these approaches to learning but on a deeper level.

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