Finding their Flair for the Dramatics

Jan 20, 2014 | Fine Arts, Lower School News, Media Galleries

The Lower School Drama Internship recently concluded with a performance of Frumpled Fairy Tales, by Bill Springer. Puns and pratfalls abound in this fun, frumpled version of three Grimm fairy tales. With the help of clever storytellers, the audience cheered the heroes and booed the villains. In “Rumpelstiltskin,” a greedy king, a miller’s daughter and a comical chap named Rumpelstiltskin all mix together in the story of gold spinning and name guessing.
In “Rapunzel,” a witch puts lovely Rapunzel in a tower where a handsome prince rescues her. But the standard happy ending is reached in anything but a standard way. In “Red Riding Hood,” Little Red finally escapes the long-winded warnings of her mother only to meet up with a “cool” wolf.
The LS Drama Internship Production Starred: Anaka Vemuri, Angelina Tuggle, Fiona Hendryx, Aidan Ray, Lauren Roush, Diego Ruiz,Regan Kelly, Michael Lotz, Patrick Meinhardt, Kate Christian, Katherine Horne, Aubrey Ellis, Temple Geoghagan, Isabella Moffet, Walker DeBord, Kate Koontz, Allison Jones, Sara Reavely, Livi Sweeterman, Kelsey Mirro, Isabella Moffet, and Julia Strickland
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