First Grade Art Auction Raises 4262 Cans

Mar 7, 2014 | Lower School News, Media Galleries, Uncategorized

Budding artists in first grade put their work on the auction block as parents bid canned goods for the win. Teachers acted as auctioneers, reading artist statements, describing the artwork and parading each piece in front of the bidders. On the edge of their seats, parents raised their paddles to outbid the other collectors in the room. Hammer prices reached upward of 180 cans.
Taking advantage of a fantastic learning moment and teaching our young students to Share the Well and Have Fun, the first grade classes partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to learn about serving those in need and helping others in our community. They held a food drive in the form of an art auction and invited one parent of each student to attend. Instead of bidding with money, they bid cans of food and other non-perishable items.
Taking ownership of the process, the students will collect the donations, sort/count/graph the goods, help load the ACFB truck, and ultimately take a field trip to tour the facility and learn more about the process as well as how this organization helps our community.
As an added bonus at the end of the auction, parents were given one more opportunity to outbid each other in an effort to raise more cans for good. An extra recess was offered up and parents shouted over each other to win the prize for their entire class.
Overall, the four classes raised a total of 4262 cans.
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