First Graders Participate in Mystery Skype

Nov 26, 2013 | Lower School News, Uncategorized

First graders in Ms. Culbertson’s and Ms. Edwards’ classes are discovering what life is like for students all over the globe. Through an educational program created by teachers called Mystery Skype, students are challenged through inquiry to guess where students attend live and school. So far the classes have had conversations with students in Canada, Indiana, Bermuda, and Ireland…and through asking probing questions, they learn where the students live. In one particular session, MVPS students learned from children ages 11-13 who each shared a mini-presentation about their island of Bermuda. They talked about the sports they play and Mount Vernon students found it fascinating there are no fast food restaurants in Bermuda with the exception of KFC.

Ms. Culbertson and Ms. Edwards say these conversations have helped their students realize how different and similar their lives are to children in other states and countries. They hope through this experience, life-long connections will be made.