Grade 3 Brings Major Historical Game Changers to Life

Mar 30, 2016 | Lower School News, Media Galleries, Uncategorized

BA2_4581Lined up chronologically, by birth year, from Ben Franklin to Mia Hamm — historical game changing characters were brought to life by students in grade 3 on the Founders Campus courtyard.
Upon reading the biographies of several famous Americans throughout history, third graders each selected a single historical game changer and dove deep into the personal accounts of their struggles and accomplishments. Throughout the learning experience, students discussed pitfalls, challenges, different ways of life, overcoming obstacles and standing strong while failing up.
Students used multiple resources to conduct research, collected and organized notes, created checklists, offered and received feedback to/from peers, and practiced oral speaking skills, all to form an effective speech, portraying their respective game changing individual.
They showcased their learning by empathizing with regular people through the ages, who became inventors, politicians, sports stars, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, authors and more.
Take a peek at several historical game changers: (See the photo gallery here, password: mustangs)
1706: Ben Franklin
Nathan Peji
Joshua Wagner
BA2_45561732: George Washington
Colin Minogue
1788: Sacagawea
Caleigh Clark
Maya Peterson
1809: Louis Braille
James Giles
1809: Abraham Lincoln
Anna Barber
Evan Batka
Mary Morgan Walker
1820: Susan B. Anthony
Amelia DeWeese
1847: Thomas Edison
Aiden Broome
Alex Geraneo
1847: Alexander Graham Bell
Matthew Pierce
1856: Nicola Tesla
Anna Charlotte Toole
BA2_46721860: Annie Oakley
Alexa Raines
1863: Henry Ford
Jake Green
Jack Rego
Connor Rousch
1866: Anne Sullivan
Lara Forst
Reese Hickey
BA2_45391867: Wilbur/Orville Wright
Cole Erickson
Reiner Guttery
Landron Hoyal
1879: Albert Einstein
Kiera Campbell
1880: Helen Keller
Riley Jane Houseman
Amelia Katz
BA2_46601884: Eleanor Roosevelt
Frannie McNerney
1897: Amelia Earhart
Sage Allen
Julia Carroll
Elle Crawford
1901: Louis Armstrong
BA2_4521Jake Pierce
1902: Bobby Jones
Sam Koontz
1911: Ronald Reagan
Steven Patrick
1912: Julia Child
Lauren Rudy
BA2_46501913: Rosa Parks
Anna Katheryn Lucas
Kennedy Mosley
Caroline Putnam
1919: Jackie Robinson
Maggie Moore
Aidan Pastush
Noah Sanders
1925: Maria Tallchief
Sophia VanName
BA2_4644 (1)1929: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jackson Adams
Dennis Norman
1930: Neil Armstrong
Herris Fentress
1934: Jane Goodall
Christina Dehabrah
Laurin Griffith
1936: Jim Henson
Mary Ellen Reagin
BA2_45991944: George Lucas
Connor Holloway
1946: Steven Spielberg
Beau Garrison
1947: Hillary Clinton
Mia Nuemann
1951: Sally Ride
Scarlett McCarthy
1955: Bill Gates
Bennett Kelly
Harris Meriwether
Thomas Rizk
BA2_46171955: Steve Jobs
Candler Crim
1972: Mia Hamm
Maya Williams
Grayson Rogers