Grade 6 Math Students Complete The Amazing (Math) Race

Oct 30, 2019 | Come to Play, courage over comfort, Design Thinking, Have Fun, IMAMUSTANG, Impact, Innovation, Maker, Maverick, Middle School News, Multiplier, Uncategorized

As a way to turn a regular math unit into an engaging opportunity for student collaboration and fun competition, Grade 6 teacher Nichelle Davis created a math version of The Amazing Race.

Each team completed 10 review problems, and had to check in with their teacher after each problem for their checkpoint. The checkpoints consisted of turning in one problem to receive the next one. The first team to complete all problems then received all of the problems back to review answers before submitting their work. The race was based on both speed and accuracy.

In addition to collaborating as a team to solve their problems, each individual team member had a specific logistical role to play in their group.