Mount Vernon’s fifth annual Mustang Rally – an all-day, all-School, all-fun event – was full of old and new traditions this year, not the least of which included a 10 day old piglet. Inspired by Rally co-chair, Susan Weber, this year’s division leaders and faculty ‘hammed it up’ for the first-ever Kiss the Pig Contest. Two weeks leading up to the big day, students cast their $1 votes for who they wanted to smooch the swine. The contestants were Upper School Head of Student Services & Operations Krista Parker, Head of Lower School Shelley Clifford, Head of Preschool Kelly Kelly, and Middle School teacher and coach Pat Hall.
 After the field races, announcer Clark Taylor declared it was time to pucker up. The entire School and every spectator awaited to hear the lucky winner who received the most votes, which was Pat Hall who raised a total of $152.00! Collectively, the pig crew collected $400.18!
By all accounts this year’s Mustang Rally was one of the best ever. Rally Co-Chairs Nicole Tuggle and Susan Weber, along with their team of volunteers, planned and orchestrated the entire event. A big thank you goes out to the 12 corporate sponsors, 165 family sponsors, 25 banner benefactors and the entire community for supporting Mount Vernon’s largest fundraiser event of the year. Students and teachers–the Mustang Rally beneficiaries– thank you, too!
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