Honoring Outstanding Achievement

Feb 21, 2014 | Media Galleries, Middle School News, Uncategorized

The Middle School recently held its Winter Honors Assembly to honor and recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. All students who earned a place on the Honor Roll or Head of School List were recognized. Students who exemplify the six Mount Vernon Mindsets (Collaborator, Solution Seeker, Ethical Decision Maker, Communicator, Creative Think and Innovator) also received recognition by receiving the 21st Century Mount Vernon Mind Award.
Students who were winners in the Patriots Pen Essay Contest were recognized as well. One Middle School student, Ricardo Ruiz, advanced to the regional competition in the essay contest and won second place along with a $200 prize!
Middle School band students who participated in the Georgia Independent School Association’s Annual all-select middle school honor band were awarded a certificate and medal at the ceremony. These students were recognized for their effort and personal dedication in the concert that took place in Macon with other schools and students from around the state.
The School congratulates all of the award recipients for their hard work!
Honor Roll
Fifth Grade: Gillian Adams, Babalola Awe, Erik Dodder, Cole Forrest, Madison Mirro, Lincoln Parker, Ethan Ray, Ryan Seeber, Zack Van Putten, Anna Robbie Wilcox
Sixth Grade: Olivia Barnes, Spencer Boykin, Eliza Bruno, Melinda Lee Carden, Parker Carman, Emery Dikeman, August Durlacher, Jayce Frady, Grace Griswold, Gracie Hudgins, Caroline Jeffrey, Josie Meade, Harriet Middleton, Alex Morge, Charlotte Nickell, Jack Palmer, Carter Pavloff, Harper Propst, Ricardo Ruiz, Sarah Sims, Ben Tharp, Lauren Waters, Carson Watson, Anna White,
Seventh Grade: Beau Adams, Maverick Farrah, Kiki Hale, Daniela Jimenez, Elizabeth McGinness, Hayden Moore, Jack Mullen, Anna Kate Pickering, Ben Pomeroy, Anne Reavely, Will Scarborough, Maddie Schaeffer, Carter Thompson, Christopher Walker, Amberly Wilkes
Eighth Grade: Ben Blair, Laurel Lee Chatham, Meg Guyton, Mary Claire Harpole, Michael Scirocco, Talia Skollar, David Smith, Julia Smith, Shailan Stefaniak-Earley, Thomas Summe, Erin Todd, Sarah Traurig, Juliana Tyrrel, Sarah Waters, Cassidy Wright
Head of School List
Fifth Grade: Caroline Betz, Will Blair, Sammi Carman, Joe Chatham, Bryce Cumming, Kurt Dames, Alyssa Dautrich, Sam Flynn, Dylan Gantt, Nicole Hedrick, Kanna House, McKensey Kaseta, Eleanor Madderra, Alma Merchant, Anusha Merchant, Aqil Merchant, Holly Mitchell, Tabitha Nagy, Emme Payne, Katie Peddle, Sarah Schab, Mikayla Schorr, Jack Sims, Susanna Soelberg, Grace Strickland, Christine Turnbull, Ella Uhde, Rachel Utz
Sixth Grade: Sophia Gavalas, Marissa Geurts, Livie Guyton, Courtney Hanft, Madelaine Jakes, Katie Jones, Grace Keller, Katieanne Peterson, Casey Scheele, Catherine Shanks, Kylie Smith-Wolfe, Alex Thomas, Lexi Van Metre, Roshan Vemuri, Anna Weber
Seventh Grade: Jack Armstrong, Ansley Boykin, Parker Corley, Laura Lawson Duncan, Mark Grove, Hannah Hagenau, Madeleine Hudgins, Maddy Long, William Mitcham, Aria Morrill, Jill Parker, Porter Slayden, Katie Thompson, Nina Toller
Eighth Grade: Lauren Barton, Cameron Dames, Abigail Emerson, Courtney Gantt, Cooper Hanft, Maksim Hull, Megan Lienau, Stroud Payne, Avry Scoggins, Will Sharkey, Rachel Staley, Paul Stanley, Arial Strode, Michael Wolfman
Mount Vernon Mind Awards
Fifth Grade: McKensey Kaseta, Dylan Gantt
Sixth Grade: Grace Keller, Casey Scheele
Seventh Grade: Hannah Hagenau, Will Forth
Eighth Grade: Cameron Dames, Michael Wolfman
Patriots Pen Essay Contest Winners
Sixth Grade: James Robison, Ricardo Ruiz
Seventh Grade: Anna Kate Pickering
Eighth Grade: Courtney Gantt, Emily Williams
GISA All-Select Middle School Honor Band
Fifth Grade: Erik Dodder, Dylan Gannt, Nicole Hedrick, Tabitha Nagy, Grace Strickland
Sixth Grade: Nelson Cummiskey, James Robison, Roshan Vemuri, Anna Weber
Seventh Grade: Mark Grove, Hannah Hagenau, Spencer Lucas, Jackie Mecke, Ben Tyrell
Eighth Grade: Maksim Hull
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