Huge Turnout for MS Athletic Banquet

May 5, 2014 | Media Galleries, Middle School News, MS Athletics, Uncategorized

Demonstrating the growth of Mount Vernon’s athletic program, more than 350 members of the School community gathered to celebrate the achievements of Middle School athletes. The purpose of the Middle School Athletic Banquet is to bring student athletes and their families together to celebrate hard work and achievement. It is also a great way to generate excitement for the Athletic Department and to build School pride.
Physical Education Coordinator, Scott Cain was the master of ceremonies, and throughout the evening he and the coaching staff recognized two stand out students from each sport. The MVP Award was given to the athlete who performed at the highest level on the field/court/mat. The Mustang Award went to the athlete who best exemplified what it means to be a Mount Vernon Athlete. He/She shows up and works hard every day, has a positive attitude, motivates teammates and does whatever it takes to add value to the squad.
Capping off the event, Jodi Martin was selected as Middle School Coach of the Year. Martin coached the girls sixth and seventh grade girls basketball team which went on to win the NAML Championship this season!
Provided below is list of Middle School MVP Award and Mustang Award winners for 2013-2014. Congratulations to all of our student athletes for an amazing year! Thank you to the Mustang Booster Club, Athletic Director, Mark Heiser, and Assistant Athletic Director, Patrick Coffield for their outstanding work supporting our athletes.

  • 5/6 Baseball      Alex Mette        Alex VanLandingham
  • 5/6 Basketball Cheer      Mica Nohstadt        Maddy Jakes
  • 5/6 Boys Blue Basketball      Kolby Rothbard        Nate Anderson
  • 5/6 Boys Gold Basketball      Alex Holliday        Alex Morge
  • 5/6 Football      Parker Carman        Jonathan Hammond
  • 5/6 Football Cheer      Katie Jones        Emme Payne
  • 5/6 Girls Basketball      Charlotte Nickell        Carson Watson
  • 5/6 Girls Soccer      Tabitha Nagy        Katieanne Peterson
  • 7/8 Baseball      Paul Stanley        Ben Blair
  • 7/8 Football      Stroud Payne        Paul Stanley
  • 7/8 Football Cheer      Aria Morrill        Audrey Seeber
  • 7/8 Girls Soccer      Taylor Harris        Madeleine Hudgins
  • 7th Boys Basketball      Parker Corley        Micah Davis
  • 7th Girls Basketball      Hannah Hagenau        Madeleine Hudgins
  • 8th Basketball Cheer      Gabby Wilson        Maddy Long
  • 8th Girls Basketball      Meg Guyton        Sarah Waters
  • 8th Boys Basketball      Seth Morrill        Austin Douglas
  • Blue Volleyball      Cameron Dames        Juliana Tyrrel
  • Gold Volleyball      Katie Peddle        Zoe Stupek
  • Middle School Boys CC      Oliver Vanjaria        Thomas Summe
  • Middle School Boys Soccer      Josh Mills        Cooper Hanft
  • Middle School Boys Swim      John Fears        Jenya Eppstein
  • Middle School Boys Tennis      Carson Bargeron        Dylan Gantt
  • Middle School Boys Track      Will Sharkey        Parker Carman
  • Middle School Diving        Avry Scoggins
  • Middle School Girls CC      Ella Uhde        Madeleine Hudgins
  • Middle School Girls Swim      Anna Jarrell        Ansley Boykin
  • Middle School Girls Tennis      Abigail Emerson        Rachel Staley
  • Middle School Girls Track      Kaitlyn Payne        Shailan Stefaniak-Earley
  • Middle School Golf      Steven Soteres        Will Tillet
  • Middle School Lacrosse      Jack Palmer        Andrew White
  • Middle School Softball      Anna White        Lexi Van Metre
  • Middle School Wrestling      Jonathan Hammond        Thomas Summe

Photos by Betsy Armstrong.
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