#IMAMUSTANG: Hunt Houseman, First Grade Chess Competitor

Feb 17, 2016 | IMAMUSTANG, Lower School News, Uncategorized

IMG_5335Only in the first grade, Hunt Houseman recently competed in the Georgia Chess Association’s 2016 Metro Atlanta K-8 State Qualifier – a regional chess tournament.
Upon discovering a passion for the game, Hunt developed new strategies and techniques in his Extended Play chess class. At home, he would sit across the table from his Dad and hone his skills, gearing up for his first chess tournament.
Over 1000 chess competitors attended the State Qualifier at the Cobb Galleria. Tournament Format: Four round, unrated, individually paired Swiss System tournament with a time control of 25 minutes per player with a five second time delay. Unless byes are requested, players will be scheduled to play all four rounds. This is not an elimination tournament.
While Hunt was defeated in his first round, he tied for a draw on the second round and WON rounds three and four! In his age group he placed 50th out of 130 kids – a spectacular feat for an initial tournament.
Merideth Houseman, Hunt’s mother, says, “Hopefully, we can have a team representing Mount Vernon in the future! What a great way to promote MVPS!”
#IMAMUSTANG: Way to strategize your way across the board, Hunt!
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