iProject Ramping Up on Three Separate Tracks

Sep 30, 2015 | Impact, Inquiry, Upper School News

CPrbyZ6XAAAiIY1Upper School students are several weeks down the path on their iProject journeys. Two hours per week are set aside to provide all students the time and space to explore, discover and execute.
Broken into three groups, Tracks A, B and C, students are encouraged follow their passions at their own speed.
Students in iProject Track C began the year with a clear project in mind, have been hard at work, crafting proposals and polishing pitches for projects. Examples include self-created internship experiences, the reimagining of student learning spaces, efforts to repair coral reefs, and the development of biodiesel fuel. Once students get approval from our faculty panels, they will begin soliciting guidance and feedback from external experts as they begin working towards their self-identified goals.
CPHFgXPW8AAU5UFWhile some of our students were ready to hit the ground running, other students, in Track A or B, have been working to find their inspirations and curiosities. In addition to completing interest and skill surveys, these students have been attending guest speaker forums to hear professionals such as Chantel Adams, founder of Forever We, discuss her work creating dolls that allow children affected by cancer to tell their story. Other workshops included the exploration of coding, photography, nutrition and graphic design. Visiting entrepreneurs included: Corbin Klett of Atlanta Harvests, Ted Wright of Fizz and Lindsay Pitt Sims of Toast, Carolyn Cope, Andy Anderson and Eric Levitan.
Freshman Courtney Walsh is on Track A. She says, “I am enjoying discovering what I want to do by going on field trips and listening to speakers for inspiration – especially Lindsay Sims, a wedding planner. All freshmen and students who are new to the School are on Track A, because we don’t have any iProject experience. We’re starting from scratch.”
Sophomore Andrew Henning is on Track B. Last year he worked with four other students to manufacture bass fishing lures. He shares, “Since I have been through the iProject process, I have an idea of what I want to do. Our same group will work together to expand on our experience from last year.”
Blake Buchtinec and Griffin Westbrook, both juniors are on Track C. They know what they want to do and are already making strides in creating the Rally Redo – an activity zone at the Mustang Rally specifically created for and by Upper School students. They started on the project last year and are building on their momentum. Blake says, “We’ve already had our first meeting with Mrs. Goldman and other Rally leadership members to discuss what we intend to do, our timing, and also financial consideration. They gave us great feedback to help us narrow our focus.”