Junior Aidan Brady Develops SAT Prep iPhone App

Feb 25, 2015 | Innovation, Uncategorized, Upper School News

IMG_8194 (1)While the often laborious vocabulary section of the SAT remains a part of the college prep test, the strategies of preparation are taking an innovative turn in the Upper School. After lamenting the traditional ways in which they have learned the endless lists of words, students in Meg Cureton’s AP Language & Composition class brainstormed how they might study for vocabulary through an interactive game. One student in particular, Aidan Brady took their ideas a step further, came up with some of his own, and developed an iPhone app called Wordzie. The iPhone app is downloadable for just $1.00.
IMG_8193 (1)“It was my first time attempting to make an app,” says Aidan. “However – I wanted to prove to myself that I could become familiar with the process and come up with a working prototype in a short timespan. It wasn’t until a few weeks into its development, that I realized actually how helpful and fun the study tool could be. I have lots of plans for its expansion in the near future, and I hope others are using it to their advantage!”–Aidan Brady, Class of 2016
IMG_8192 (1)Mrs. Cureton says Aidan spent nearly 40 hours developing the app, going through the Apple approval process, working out the bugs and making the necessary updates. Aidan shares, “I was inspired by the popular iPhone app “Trivia Crack”; the fun of that game is in its competitive side, then I realized how much more fun vocabulary could be if you could study alongside your friends.”