Kindergartners Research, Rehearse and Report

Mar 22, 2016 | Have Fun, Lower School News, Maverick, Uncategorized

To conclude the Kinders’Β weather unit, students created news broadcasts to warn citizens responsibly about inclement and potentially dangerous weather.

In preparation, students filled out a weather curiosity survey, then were placed in groups according to interest. Weather team members sat side by side and took picture walks through nonfiction weather books. Afterwards, they generated a list of words to describe what they saw and wrote down words that they could read.

Next, they worked as a team to make inferences based on these pictures. They collaborated with their group to discuss how their weather affects living and non-living things. Finally, students selected two facts they thought would be important for other people to know in case that weather occurred. They drew pictures to make visual scripts, and rehearsed several times to practice good presentation skills.

At last, they were ready for the camera!

Lights, Camera, Action!
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