Middle School: Grades 6-8

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Students gain knowledge at an extraordinary rate. In order to thrive, they need to acquire the confidence to use these new abilities by trusting in their own capabilities. In addition to emphasizing exploration of humanities, STEM, maker, math, arts, cultivating the skills of a design thinker in each child, we teach students to observe and question, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes, and iterate. We infuse people-centered problem solving throughout a student’s experience, as teachers, external experts, and other students guide learners to identify, research, and solve real-world, relevant challenges.

Globally Competitive


Students benefit from efforts to make school more reflective of real life. The real world offers challenges, problems, and opportunities that extend beyond the scope of a single discipline and requires the synthesis of knowledge and understanding across a variety of subject areas. With this in mind, interdisciplinary experiences set in authentic real-world contexts are prioritized where students are invited to engage and make an impact.

An engaged citizen leader


A student’s sense of self is shaped by experiences that are unique to each child, while common to our community. With a strong emphasis on collaborative learning, students share similarities and differences of people, places, and ideas locally, nationally, and around the world. Exploring past, present and future points in time, students advance their chronological thinking skills; learn to analyze, interpret and comprehend data; engage in research; and evaluate the impact of decisions made throughout history and in the world today.


The Upper Campus counseling team provides support to strengthen social and emotional development, deepen connections with others, and increase awareness, belonging, and acceptance of oneself. Through IDEA, students have a network of peers, professionals, and mentors who create a safe and welcome space for every individual. Participation in class sessions devoted to mind and body is essential to better navigate the increasing expectations of independence and self-management.


Competing in the Middle School Metro 10 league, Mount Vernon’s Athletic Department strives to holistically develop every student-athlete by providing a five-star experience built on hospitality, community, culture, supporting athletes and coaches, courage, focus, fearlessness, fortitude, and professionalism.

Arts and Design

Creative opportunities explode in Middle School as students explore six Arts & Design courses throughout the year to develop deeper skills in music, digital/studio arts, maker, or athletic development. Extra-curricular opportunities provide access to professional-grade equipment for advanced-level design.

Spiritual Life

Nurturing Christian values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control through weekly chapel and community service, we ask questions, share stories, and build relationships. Inspiring one another through the work we undertake together, we seek to design a better world, searching for maximum impact.

Associate Director of Admissions – Middle School

Eric Cheek

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