Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces in Grade 4

Jan 20, 2016 | Have Fun, Highlights, Innovation, Lower School News, Maker

CYsxhLiUoAA2XWITaking their learning outside the classroom, the fourth grade demonstrated ‘Learning demands interactive and flexible spaces’, one of Mount Vernon’s five principles.
As a way to review for an upcoming phonics assessment, Team 4 teachers and their classes took to the courtyard to play Sparkle, one of their favorite learning games.
Teacher Alix Rhett says, “We wanted to enhance their experience a bit by bringing the whole grade together and using a different learning space—the courtyard. Throughout the game, students were able to review words that followed our weekly spelling rule, red words, and previously learned rules.”
To play Sparkle, students start by standing in a circle, a spelling word is called out and the kids go around spelling the word one letter at a time. As soon as the word is correctly spelled, the following student shouts ‘Sparkle!’ and the next student must sit down. Last person standing wins!
It was a tight competition, but Sydney Tiffin was the winner and Cole Carroll the runner up.