LEARN*SERVE*GIVE – Parent Spotlight – Chris Walsh

Feb 5, 2020 | All School, Build People Up, Come to Play, courage over comfort, IMAMUSTANG, Multiplier, Parents, Share the Well

“After our fourth grade daughter Katie’s first day at MV, she said ‘I love this school, I feel so welcome here and my teachers are so nice!’ Since that first day, our family has continued to feel welcomed and our daughter has thrived.”
– MV Parent, Chris Walsh

This year, it is the goal of our Community Development team to involve every parent through our LEARN*SERVE*GIVE engagement campaign. As more parents engage, our community – spanning from prospective to current to alumni families – will apply to, invest in, volunteer for, partner with, and connect to our school.

This week, we highlight an outstanding parent, Chris Walsh, who has not only engaged in all three LEARN*SERVE*GIVE opportunities but continues to lean in at Mount Vernon, contributing to the strong, healthy and fun culture at the School.

Chris additionally shares, “As a business owner, I am always looking forward to what the job market will look like for our kids and what skills they will need to be marketable and successful adults one day. MV’s innovative approach to learning – especially its focus on connecting fundamental skills with real world experiences – is unlike any other school’s curriculum that we explored. Ann and I could not be happier with our decision to join the MV community, and we’re very confident MV is preparing our daughter to be successful, not just in school, but in life.”

While we’re almost halfway through this school year, there are still many ways to get involved.

LEARN: When someone in our community visits campus to learn more about the School and its vision. View upcoming LEARN opportunities here.

Engage a friend and bring a +1 next time you come to an event! Bring someone who is new to your grade level, lives in your neighborhood, or someone you think might want to be more engaged.

SERVE: When a parent gives their time and talent to volunteer in any capacity at the School, from traditional roles (Team Parent, Room Parent, Chairing an MV Parent’s association committee) to non-traditional roles (be an MVXpert by sharing your expertise with our students and/or faculty or serve as a Chair for MV’s Booster Club/Friends of the Arts). 

GIVE: When you re-invest in Mount Vernon – we get to provide our students with exceptional resources, enriching opportunities, and unprecedented access to people and places above and beyond planned curriculum. Make a gift or a pledge to the MV Fund today.

Thank you to all of our parents who have participated in one, two, or all three of our Learn. Serve. Give. opportunities so far this fall. We are better together.