Little Mustangs with a LOT of Passion and Even More Curiosity

Mar 18, 2015 | Have Fun, Preschool News

Snow Day at MVThis year’s Atlanta winter has provided the perfect learning platform for our curious Preschoolers to experience the dramatic changes in their own environment. Drawing from project work centered on “Our Five Senses,” the Threes took full advantage of the at-school “snow day” to deeply explore snow, ice, and water. PreK explored the in-season weather, preparing for their “Life Cycles” project. Observing, documenting, and manipulating the snow both inside the classroom and outside on the playground provided our friends a hands-on learning experience. An experience which draws upon and exercises their foundational skills across math, science, the arts, social studies, reading and phonics.
Thing 1 cupcakesAdditionally, March 1 marked the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Preschoolers around the country celebrated the author who continues to teach us creative expression and language skills through rhyme, whimsy, and imaginative characters. Every year, MVPS Preschoolers celebrate by “traveling” through each of the classrooms to explore and engage in activities that reflect the author’s fantastic storytelling and literary appeal. From sorting and graphing fish counters (“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”) to sculpting play-dough Truffala Trees (“The Lorax”), the activities brought out our inner poets, artists, and creative thinkers.
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