Lower School Actors Shine in ‘Reluctant Dragon’

Jan 27, 2016 | Have Fun, Lower School News, Maker

BA2_5913Meeting just once a week since school began, students in the Lower School Drama Apprenticeship program are entering Mount Vernon’s Visual and Performing Arts on the ground level. The goal is to introduce those in grades 3 and 4 to the basics of performing, preparing them to fully participate in Middle School Drama once they reach grade 5. The Apprenticeship is open to all students in grades 3 and 4 each fall semester.
In front of parents, staff and the entire Lower School, the students recently performed “The Reluctant Dragon,” a story revolving around a friendship between a precocious boy (Charlotte Goerdel) and a poetry-loving, peaceful dragon (Sarah Beard). The play’s moral is simple and clear: You can’t judge a book by its cover, or a dragon by its scales.
For over five months, the students worked hard to develop the discipline of focus, teamwork, storytelling abilities, and many other important aspects of performing in a group ensemble.
Director Chris Willoughby shares, “I always love it when the performers see all their efforts pay off in the performance. They don’t always get all the jokes or see the importance of telling a story, but the audience provides all the feedback they could dream of–laughter, applause, and congratulations! Our young performers have worked very hard, and I am so proud of them.”

  • DJ Bassett
  • Sarah Beard
  • Charlotte Bradford
  • Kiera Campbell
  • Elle Crawford
  • Sumirra Dirir
  • Lara Forst
  • Charlotte Goerdel
  • Landron Hoyal
  • Mary Hannah Martin
  • Thomas Rizk
  • Grayson Rogers
  • Noah Sanders
  • McKenzie Seefeldt
  • Sydney Tiffin
  • Anna-Charlotte Toole
  • Grace Westmoreland
  • Laney Whiting

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