LS Celebrates Digital Learning Day

Feb 10, 2014 | Lower School News, Media Galleries, Uncategorized

On Wednesday, February 5, Lower School joined schools all around the world in celebrating Digital Learning Day. Each year, students and teachers take the pledge to support the effective use of technology for all students. In Mount Vernon’s Lower School students focused on the importance of Digital Citizenship.
Mrs. Stavropoulos emphasized three guidelines: 1) Always ask a parent’s permission before getting on the Internet, 2) Only communicate with people you know while on the Internet, and 3) Stay on websites that are age appropriate. First graders and Kindergarteners learned people have a digital footprint just like they have regular footprints. In order to stay safe, one must remember not to give out personal information such as a name, address, and phone number on the Internet. In second grade, students discussed ways to protect themselves from cyberbullies. They made posters on the iPads that reminded them to STOP when they run into cyberbullies– Stop using the computer, Tell a trusted adult, go online only when an adult says it is OK, and Play online only with nice kids.
Third graders discussed the importance of online word choice, noting that it is often hard to figure out the tone of the words when one types it instead of how it sounds when shared verbally. Third graders created motivational posters using iPads to discourage cyberbullying and to encourage kids to be thoughtful when writing online. In fourth grade, students took a cue from Spiderman and discussed how the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”. They created comic strips for their Super Digital Citizen using the Strip Designer app on the iPads. Throughout the day, students Skyped with Ms. Diaz’s class at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis and collaborated through Twitter with Presbyterian Day School and Davis Academy in Atlanta.
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