In the last few weeks, a group of Middle School students, representing Grades 6, 7 and 8 were appointed as Junior Prefects, mirroring the Prefect system in place in the Upper School.

The more than 50 students who applied went through a vigorous process. Each student submitted a written application and a teach recommendation, then went through an interview process before being selected to represent their grade level as a Prefect.

“I am very exited to be a prefect and I think it will be very fun.” – Dylan Dwyer, Grade 6 Junior Prefect

Grade 6 Prefects:
Maya Chopra
Dylan Dwyer
Christian Foster
Diane Foster
Sydney Morton
Sonoma Peterson
Lily Tuck

“I think that being a Junior Prefect is a huge privilege, and it is really fun to organize events and be a leader in the Mount Vernon community.” – Diane Foster, Grade 6 Junior Prefect

Grade 7 Prefects:
Sage Allen
Caroline Davis
Owen Kempa
Sam Koontz
Harris Meriwether
Aidan Pastush
Holly Vogt

” It fills me with Joy to have an opportunity to give back to what has given me so much.” – Sage Allen, Grade 7 Junior Prefect

I was so happy to hear that I was selected to be a Junior Prefect, and be part of such an amazing organization. The most exciting thing about being a Junior Prefect Is knowing that I am a part of making a difference in the school by getting to be a leader to my peers”. – Sydney Brice, Grade 8 Junior Prefect

Grade 8 Prefects:
Sydney Brice
Charlotte Goerdel
Junie Shin
Audrey Thompson
Grace Westmoreland

Congratulations to all Middle School Junior Prefects!