Middle School Students Celebrated for High Achievements

Feb 2, 2016 | Highlights, Impact, Middle School News, Multiplier

Middle School Academic Honors Event
Friday, January 29, 2016
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Fifth & Sixth Grade Chorus………………………………………………Matthew Neylon – Director of Fine Arts
Invocation……………..…………………..……………………………….…..Lauren Waters – Grade 8 Chaplain
Pledge of Allegiance………………………………………….Katieanne Peterson – Student Council President
Welcome……………………………………………..……………………Chip Houston – Head of Middle School
Awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Honor Roll…..….………………………………………………….………………….…………Dean of Students*
Students earning all A’s (90 or higher) with no more than two B’s (80-89) and no conduct grade less than satisfactory.
Head of School List……………………………………..………..……..Dr. J. Brett Jacobsen – Head of School
Students earning all A’s (90 or higher) and no conduct grade less than satisfactory.
Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program).…………..………Katie Cain – Head of Learning and Innovation
Duke TIP is a gifted education program based at Duke University. Its purpose is to identify gifted children and provide them and their parents the resources for them to reach their full educational potential. Seventh grade students can take the SAT/ACT to qualify for advanced summer programs.
Mount Vernon Mind Award……………………………………………………………..……..Heads of Grade**
This award is presented to the two students at each grade level who consistently demonstrate the six Mount Vernon Mindsets. These students exemplify the qualities of excellent solution seekers, communicators, creative thinkers, innovators, ethical decision-makers, and collaborators.
The Multiplier & Closing Comments………………………………Chip Houston – Head of Middle School
Based on Dr. Jacobsen’s Convocation Address, this award is presented to two students at each grade level. Multipliers demonstrate curiosity, foster connections, and make lasting contributions in the lives of others.
* Dean of Students – Tasha Mines (Grades 5 & 6)
* Dean of Students – Suzanne Couvillion (Grades 7 & 8)
**Heads of Grade – Jenny Novoselsky (Grade 5), Angél Kytle (Grade 6), Amy Wilkes (Grade 7), and Alex Bragg (Grade 8)
Honor Roll – Grade 5
Phillip Adams
Isabella Akhlaghi
Brooks Champney
Andrew Dalba
Emma Dickie
Aubrey Ellis
Kennedi Espy
Bryce Fennell
Annabel France
Carter Friedman
Addison Haylett
Kiefer Hurtado
Will Jackson
Macy Leask
Sophia Mercer
Adam Nagy
Liam OToole
Reese Peddle
Sean Pierce
Aidan Ray
Benjamin Reagin
Benjamin Spitz
Ruby Turner
Luke Van Putten
Honor Roll – Grade 6
Jackson Aull
Alexandra Bloodworth
Reed Collins
Peyton DeWeese
Lily Durlacher
Hayden France
Masie Graham
Ethan Gravely
Fiona Hendryx
William House
Sam Landers
Jackson Langley
William Lavender
Tyler Long
Tyler Lutes
Savanna Messner
Jack Mette
Jack Mitcham
Tucker Ramsey
Sara Reavely
Tyler Robinson
Lauren Roush
Diego Ruiz
Jackson Toller
Isabella Vargas
Honor Roll – Grade 7
Gillian Adams
Thomas Andersen
Sammi Carman
Molly Flanagan
Will Garner
Riley Hansen
Amelia Humphrey
Emily Kanderis
Klaire Mason
Kate Maxwell
Chandler Meier
Josh Mills
Ryan Rapaport
Ryan Seeber
Anjali Singh
Jacob St. Denis
Ella Uhde
Abbott Wright
Honor Roll – Grade 8
Nate Anderson
Olivia Barnes
Eliza Bruno
Melinda Lee Carden
Patrick Casey
Karley Crim
August Durlacher
Caroline Jeffrey
Caroline Kilgore
Harriet Middleton
Alex Morge
Stephen Moseley
Bijan Nikain
Clayton Patnode
James Robison
Malena Singh
Lauren Waters
Head of School – Grade 5
Avery Anderson
Benjamin Barber
Leighton Batcheller
Joshua Cagwin
Ellayna Casey
Christopher Collins
Jai Deans
Grant Erickson
Ansley Fenech
Mary Fuentes
Zandy Geiger
Hunter Guttery
Michael Hardie
Michelle Hedrick
Sam Hodges
Hope Holloway
Annabeth Hoyal
Taylor Keller
Virginia King
Rylan Kruep
Isabella Moffett
Zach Rizzo
Maggie Sims
Kate Tudor
Jack Uhde
Maria Utz
Sam Worth
Head of School – Grade 6
Cole Allison
Will Allison
Amelia Anderson
Meredith Baynton
Natalie Bernstein
Emily Bloodworth
Jake Callahan
Sydney Carroll
Lily Chandler
Kate Christian
Eliot Ciuperca
Kayli Cooper
Isabel Dempsey
Lexi Elias
Brooke Giles
Hannah Green
Sutter Guttery
Jane Holliday
Regan Kelly
Landry Kruep
Sam Lin
Russell Lucas
Sara McLeod
Meghan Nagia
Will Palmer
Cooper Patnode
George Pope
Olivia Ramsey
Ty Ross
Hattie Schuessler
James Shanks
Kendall Slayden
Austin Taylor
Ryan Weber
Sam Whiting
Head of School – Grade 7
Caroline Betz
Justin Blumencranz
Bryce Cumming
Alyssa Dautrich
Dylan Gantt
Christopher Hardie
Nicole Hedrick
Kanna House
Blake Kytle
Jake Lortz
Eleanor Madderra
Alma Merchant
Anusha Merchant
Aqil Merchant
Holly Mitchell
Tabitha Nagy
Audrey OToole
Katie Peddle
Sarah Pope
Emily Raeside
Ethan Ray
Sarah Schab
Jack Sims
Susanna Soelberg
Trey Tiffin
Christine Turnbull
Zack Van Putten
Carson Will
Head of School – Grade 8
Nelson Cummiskey
Emery Dikeman
Sophia Gavalas
Livie Guyton
Gracie Hudgins
Maddy Jakes
Katie Jones
Grace Keller
Jenny Long
Jack McGuire
Josie Meade
Charlotte Nickell
Jack Palmer
Katieanne Peterson
Nick Pierce
Ricardo Ruiz
Casey Scheele
Catherine Shanks
Kylie Smith-Wolfe
Max Stevens
Alex Thomas
Skyler Tiffin
Carson Watson
Anna Weber
Duke TIP – Grade 5
We would like to recognize the students who qualified for the 2016 Duke University Talent Identification Program. Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented youth. The program works with students, their families, and educators to identify, recognize, and help students reach their highest potential.
Phillip Adams
Isabella Akhlaghi
Nicholas Moffett
Ben Barber
Adam Nagy
Ruby Burnett
Liam OToole
Josh Cagwin
Sean Pierce
Ellayna Casey
Aidan Ray
Christopher Collins
Benjamin Reagin
Kyle Cumming
Ben Spitz
Jai Deans
Kate Tudor
Grant Erickson
Jack Uhde
Greg Fuentes
Luke Van Putten
Mary Fuentes
Conlan Weeks
Davis Garrison
Sam Worth
Zandy Geiger
Michael Hardie
Addison Haylett
Michelle Hedrick
Sam Hodges
Hope Holloway
Annabeth Hoyal
Keifer Hurtado
Taylor Keller
Virginia King
Rylan Kruep
Sophia Mercer
Isabella Moffett
Duke TIP – Grade 6
Cole Allison
Sara McLeod
Will Allison
Jack Mette
Amelia Anderson
Meghan Nagia
Jackson Aull
Will Palmer
Meredith Baynton
George Pope
Natalie Bernstein
Tucker Ramsey
Ashley Burke
Olivia Ramsey
Jake Callahan
Sara Reavely
Sydney Carroll
Tyler Robinson
Eliot Ciuperca
Ty Ross
Reed Collins
Diego Ruiz
Kayli Cooper
Hattie Schuessler
Spencer Corley
James Shanks
Isabel Dempsey
Alex Singer
Peyton DeWeese
Kendall Slayden
Kaitlyn Dodder
Austin Taylor
Lexi Elias
Carson Thomas
Reed Garzon
Jackson Toller
Brooke Giles
Bella Vargas
Ethan Gravely
Ryan Weber
Sutter Guttery
Rediet Yonas
Fiona Hendryx
Jane Holliday
William House
Regan Kelly
Kate Koontz
Landry Kruep
Sam Landers
Jackson Langley
Sam Lin
Tyler Long
Michael Lotz
Russell Lucas
Samantha McCarthy
Duke TIP – Grade 7
Gillian Adams
Alma Merchant
Thomas Andersen
Anusha Merchant
Caroline Betz
Aqil Merchant
Justin Blumencranz
Eli McCall
Gil Christian
Tabitha Nagy
Erik Dodder
Audrey OToole
Ian Erickson
Sarah Pope
Cole Forrest
Dillon Procter
Dylan Gantt
Emily Raeside
Will Garner
Ryan Rapaport
Chris Hardie
Ethan Ray
Riley Hansen
Sarah Schab
Nicole Hedrick
Ryan Seeber
Kanna House
Jack Sims
Will Hudson
Anji Singh
Mason King
Susanna Soelberg
Blake Kytle
Trey Tiffin
Sydney Levitan
Ella Uhde
Jake Lortz
Zack Van Putten
Eleanor Madderra
Klaire Mason
Mount Vernon Mind Award – Grade 5
Jai Deans: This student is well rounded and is always pushing herself to grow and excel.  She approaches every task with a positive attitude and exhibits confidence in her excellent communication skills. She shows leadership qualities when working collaboratively; she keeps the group moving forward and has some creative ideas on how to solve problems. Her creative thinking continuously shows itself, like on the park and map she created in World Geography.
Kate Tudor: This student is highly engaged, and her enthusiasm for learning never wavers.  She always takes initiative and goes above and beyond on all her assignments. Her “Wobbly Stomper” in science demonstrated how innovative and creative she is. She has also excelled by completing the entire fifth grade math course in ALEKS.
Mount Vernon Mind Award – Grade 6
Austin Taylor: With this student’s academic efforts and inquisitive nature, he displays all of the MVPS mindsets. When faced with challenges he seems to thrive on finding solutions and creative ways to find answers to the problems he encounters.  He is a balanced student who works and achieves great results in his endeavors.
Cole Allison: This next student also exhibits all of the mindsets naturally and without being asked. Independent and tenacious, solution seeking and making ethical decisions are a part of his DNA.  He demonstrates integrity, honesty, empathy, and encouragement in the midst of both success and setbacks.
Mount Vernon Mind Award – Grade 7
Dylan Gantt: This student always gives 100% no matter what task is before him, but that is only the beginning. He boldly assumes responsibility for his learning, welcomes feedback for growth, and contributes so much to classroom discussions and the culture at large.  This student is able to collaborate and lead, while building up everyone around him.
Christine Turnbull: This student is a highly motivated learner and talented author who never backs down from a challenge.  She is extremely creative and able find innovative solutions to complex problems.  Moreover, she does all of this with kindness, humility, and a willingness to help others that is inspiring to all those around her.
Mount Vernon Mind Award – Grade 8
Kylie Smith-Wolfe: The first recipient is thorough in her work, and she asks strong questions to seek knowledge fueled by curiosity.  She is passionate about learning, and she is an excellent communicator-especially in giving authentic & inspiring feedback to peers in order to move their learning forward.
Jenny Long: Our second Mount Vernon Mind recipient brings positivity, perseverance, and empathy to each classroom.  She’s curious and creative, and she is always seeking to understand through different lenses.  She is not afraid to take risks, and she is an excellent collaborator, often being observed voluntarily working with and helping others advance their learning.
The Multiplier – Grade 5
Brooks Champney: This student is an amazing citizen to the fifth grade community. He makes sure that the recess equipment gets outs and back inside everyday, without complaint or reminders. Selflessly, he never expects recognition for his extra work. He provides great insight to class discussions and is a positive influence on his classmates, showing that he is a peacekeeper and peacemaker.
Ellayna Casey: This student has an ever-present smile that fosters connections in students as well as teachers. Her positive attitude, even in the face of adversity, is always a source of encouragement. She is the first to volunteer to help people with any issues that arise, whether they are technological, academic or personal. In a nutshell, she actively betters our community every day by helping both her teachers and classmates, and in the process she puts a smile on everyone’s face.
The Multiplier – Grade 6
Jack Mette: This student is not afraid to ask questions in class and sets a great example for peers and teachers alike. He owns his leadership role with great humility, seeking input from his peers, making changes daily, demonstrating curiosity, and fostering connections with no hesitation.
​Kayli Cooper: This student connects with others readily and has a positive impact on fellow students. She intently makes sure her classmates are ok and is often observed giving compliments and making others smile in the hallway. She consistently strives to build to last, making changes in the lives of others. She never settles.
The Multiplier – Grade 7
Ryan Seeber: This student consistently looks for opportunities to help others, whether it’s assisting with a project or holding doors open for his classmates. He routinely puts himself in the shoes of others, displaying empathy, concern, and warmth. He is undoubtedly leaving a positive, lasting impact on the lives of all those he encounters.
Robbie Long: This student’s generous spirit amazes us all.  He is kind, compassionate, and sincerely interested in the well-being of others.  Naturally curious and a leader among his peers, he often initiates class discussions and mobilizes students to complete special tasks.  His commitment to not only his personal growth, but to the growth of others is inspiring.
The Multiplier – Grade 8
Katieanne Peterson: Our first award recipient is the leader of the 8th grade class, serving as President of the Student Council.  She is incredibly thoughtful and compassionate towards all, and you can count on her to bring positivity to school everyday. When asked about her leadership, Reverend Joe B. Martin (her Basketball Coach) said, “The most frequent line heard by the team all season has not been from the coach, but from Katieanne with a big smile telling someone else, “I believe in you.”
Casey Scheele: Our second Multiplier award recipient is well respected by his peers, and he leads others in ethical decision making.  He is kindhearted, and he always puts others before himself.   This student deeply cares about his peers and teachers, and it’s his mission to ensure others feel appreciated and valued.  As he co-leads Christian Education for Mr. Song’s advisory, he strives to build positive relationships with his peers.
Congratulations to all Middle School students!
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