Middle School Students Design and Create a House for Sparkle Sandy Springs

Dec 11, 2019 | Design Thinking, Fine Arts, Have Fun, IMAMUSTANG, Innovation, Maker, Middle School News, PBL/IBL

Middle School students, alongside MS Visual Arts teacher Susan Edwards, worked together to both design and create a Made in MV Sparkle House to be featured outside of the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center in their Christmas village.

Students spanning all Middle School grades worked on the house during their art periods, free time and GTDs. They helped Mrs. Edwards brainstorm ideas for the house, and as a collective, they decided on a Christmas Tree.

During their creative process, they considered who would be interacting with the house once it was on display, and thought it would be fun to make it tactile for young kids. Additionally, after looking at past houses in the village, they found that a tactile aspect hadn’t been incorporated much.

Taking inspiration from famous Pop artist Claus Oldenburg, the group of artists played with scale, making large, oversized decorations. For example, they created candy canes out of pool noodles and red duct tape, and giant popcorn strands out of Great Stuff insulation and threaded together foam balls. The “Made in MV” sign for the front of the house was laser cut in the Upper School. It was truly a team effort.

Stop by the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center/City Springs area during the holiday season to see MV’s Sparkle House! Make sure you share your photos with the house on social media, and tag Mount Vernon! For more information on Sparkle Sandy Springs, check here.