Middle School Students Impact Sandy Springs’ Future

Apr 14, 2015 | Impact, Inquiry, Middle School News, Uncategorized

IMG_8563Further demonstrating Mount Vernon’s mission to build engaged citizen leaders, many of the School’s seventh graders were recently asked by the City of Sandy Springs for their architectural input.
As a part of the city’s future plans to develop a new City Center, representatives from City Hall came to Mount Vernon to gather feedback from students regarding the proposed ideas.
Showing students a variety of different designs and blueprints, representatives asked them to share their input through an online survey.
The proposed development for the Sandy Springs City Center includes a Civic Center building which will incorporate City Hall services, a Performing Arts Center and a Studio Theater/Meeting Space, Other aspects of development will include Retail Spaces and a City Park.
“I am so excited the City decided to bring students into the planning and development. Being able to contribute, allowed me to feel like an important part of our up-and-coming community,” said Katie Jones, Class of 2020.
“It was an amazing feeling to voice my opinion and have it count. Our city will come a long way between now and the final project,” shared Emery Dikeman, Class of 2020.
Mount Vernon was one of two schools the city selected to seek input on the new City Center. The other school that contributed was Riverwood International Charter High School.
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