Mount Vernon Students Explore the World This Week

Mar 5, 2014 | Media Galleries, Middle School News, Uncategorized, Upper School News

Whether its appreciating the Mona Lisa in Paris, trekking the Andes Mountains in Peru, painting and sculpting in New Mexico, or exploring the wilds of Nova Scotia–this week is one of the most anticipated times of the school year. Students in the Upper School are in the midst of Interim Term, a program unique to Atlanta independent schools. Launched in 2010, Interim Term is an innovative program at Mount Vernon that offers students in grades 9-12 opportunities to explore personal interests, integrate disciplines, expand their minds, and serve the public good. Held annually students participate in one of the following: international or domestic travel entailing college tours, service trips, or cultural expeditions, off-campus Atlanta courses, career exploration internships (seniors only); and innovative, on-campus courses. Check out this year’s offerings.
Additionally the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are taking educational trips this week aligned with class curriculum. Sixth graders are applying their knowledge of space exploration by spending three days in Huntsville, Alabama at NASA’s Space Camp. Seventh graders are traveling in Boston, Massachusetts, a trip which highlights several key points in Revolutionary American history. Eighth graders are in our nation’s capital, a trip that spans each of the academic disciplines, as well as the Mount Vernon Mindsets. Students will explore innovations in aviation at the Air and Space Museum. The Holocaust Museum lends itself to discussions concerning empathy and ethical decision making and The Spy Museum is a truly fun way to discover how conflict was navigated during the Cold War.
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