Mount Vernon Theatre Students Take Top Honors at Georgia Thespian Conference

Mar 3, 2021 | Come to Play, Fine Arts, Have Fun, Highlights, IMAMUSTANG, Middle School News, Share the Well, Upper School News

Contributed by Director of Visual and Performing Arts Matt Neylon

This weekend, nearly 30 Mount Vernon students gathered to participate in the statewide Georgia Thespian Conference. Though the conference was virtual this year, the students gathered on campus to watch showcase performances and participate in workshops together. 

The conference was a wonderful opportunity for all of our thespians to learn from each other, expand each other’s imagination in improv games, and set sights on future goals in the arts.

Senior Arden Adams led a close out circle, Caroline Morrison and Tabitha Nagy led the group in a set of improv games on Thursday afternoon.

Amanda Lower noted “I loved seeing the younger students folding into the traditions of the Allstars – and how the excellence of the older kids inspired the younger artists.” Amanda Lower, Sonoma Peterson and Steven Patrick joined the diversity and inclusion zoom and said it was amazing and they learned so much.

Prior to the event, the theatre department had submitted our production of The Tempest as well as many individual and group performances to be adjudicated. In case you missed it, you can watch The Tempest here (password: mustangs).

Not only was The Tempest one of 10 featured showcase performances from across the state, but seven of our Upper School students received superior ratings, which qualifies them to move on to the International Thespian Conference this summer. 

Superior Ratings
Acting Group Performance: Win Scott, Tabitha Nagy, Arden Adams
Music Duo Performance: Arden Adams, Tabitha Nagy
Musical Performance: Arden Adams
Lighting Design: Jake Lortz
Sound Design:  Eleanor Madderra
Stage Management: Shea Griffith
Costume Design: Rose Dodder

Additional Highlights:
Win Scott’s short film, Sunday Boredom was featured in the conference Film Festival in which he was also included as a panelist.

Arden Adams had a particularly impressive showing, having achieved three superiors. She was also selected among all of the All-State Seniors to receive The Pam Ware Leadership Scholarship and appeared at the end of conference Thespy Showcase for the second year in a row, which is almost unheard of! 

Huge congratulations to all of our senior thespians for their dedication and incredible performances:
Arden Adams
Jake Lortz
Eleanor Madderra
Caroline Morrison
Tabitha Nagy

For Middle School, it was the second year that the junior troupe to attend the conference and the first year that they participated in the Thespys. Middle School students received four Excellent scores with encouraging feedback – a great job for the first time.

We are so proud of all the students who participated, and thankful for our staff who helped make the experience happen, including Mr. Spencer Stephens, who helped organize and facilitate much of the on-campus event.  This weekend was a wonderful opportunity for all of our thespians to learn from each other, challenge each other’s imagination in improv games, and set sights on future goals in the arts.  Inspiration, community, and fun!

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