Muñoz Wins Local Photo Contest

Mar 21, 2018 | All School, Fine Arts, Upper School News

Junior Maya Muñoz wins Sandy Springs Conservancy Digital Photo Contest!
Just by looking up, around, and down, Maya Muñoz sees beauty in all that surrounds her. Capturing a moment in time is a privilege. Sharing it is a gift.
“My inspiration for the photo was actually from my intro to photography class. The homework assignment was “Reflection” and it was on my mind while I was running on the Chattahoochee River and came across a bridge. I was walking on it and looked down and just saw the sunlight bouncing off the water between the trees and almost like made this rainbow kind of look and it really caught my attention and believed that it was exactly what my teacher wants. The opportunity to enter the contest came when my mom read it from the newspaper and I was thinking about turning in a couple of photos but wasn’t so sure. Later on, I heard it again in my photography class and just thought of it as a sign and turned in two photos. Later in February my parents sat me down to tell me I had won the contest. Tears of joy slowly ran down my face. I was so happy and just excited about it. It was so amazing and nice to be appreciated for my work. Getting recognized for my creative eye is the best feeling ever.”